Anomalous behavior of the animals

Anomalous behavior of the animalsMagadan. Kolyma-INFORM 25.11.2010. Wild Predators lost their fear of man.

All four sites are located on the reserve Magadan great distance from each other, in remote places where there is no telephone and cellular communication. The exchange of information between inspectors and the management of the reserve by means of radio. Inspectors working for cordons, must every day at a certain time to get in touch with the management of the reserve and to report the incidents, observations of the animals, changing weather in protected areas, the press service of the reserve.

During another session state inspector radio Cava Chelomdzhinskogo site Magadan Reserve Alexander Sokolov, who works at the cordon "Moldot" reported on the unusual behavior of foxes. Wild animals, which, as a rule, try to avoid the person this fall behave very boldly — in large quantities and can safely run around the cordon.

In addition, Alexander Sokolov said that near the cordon he has observed wild swan, who apparently got separated from his pack, and did not fly for the winter. "Swan flying for days near the river and shouts Chelomdzha probably calling their relatives," said state inspector.

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