Antarctica is classified as strictly confidential

This southern continent, covered kilometer layer of ice was not always so. But this is not to say. Especially, talk about the mysteries of Antarctica. They ask us to hide.

Antarctica is classified as "strictly confidential"

In Antarctica, there is a time portal

A team of researchers from the U.S. and the UK stumbled in Antarctica affects the mind opening. While working on a joint research project in the area of weather, the team has seen the emergence of rotating vortex of time.

Physicist at the U.S. Marianne McLean allegedly testified that she and her colleagues saw "spinning gray fog" in the sky above their heads. They initially did not attach much importance, describing the phenomenon as an episode of the polar storms.

However, despite the wind and fast moving clouds overhead, strange spinning gray fog remained stationary. Deciding to deal with the odd phenomenon, the group took one of its weather balloons to study and mount a meteorological instrument to obtain data on temperature, atmospheric pressure, humidity, wind speed, as well as scientific chronometer to record the recording time.

Antarctica is classified as "strictly confidential"

Once connected, the ball to the winch, they released him. The balloon and instrument soared and were immediately absorbed strange vortex. Back with a winch, they dragged him out with great difficulty, if he who is held there by force. When checked the data, we were stunned by the testimony of the chronometer. It reflected a date many years ago: January 27, 1965. McLain argued that the experiment was repeated several times with the same result.

Later, she said, the content of the entire episode was kept secret and the documents of military intelligence code-named "Time Portal» (The Time Gate).

Antarctica is classified as "strictly confidential"

Mysterious glow from beneath the ice of Lake Vostok

Incredible posts embarrassed the governments of those countries whose monitoring stations operated in Antarctica. Scientists panic reported a strong light source under the ice. That tone radiographs embarrassed most. Antarctic observers worried about his safety, as if they, in fact, something is seriously threatened, and demanded urgent action. Reports not only light, but also sound anomalies were obtained from stations located in the area of subglacial Lake Vostok.

Freshwater lakes under the ice cap of Antarctica, scientists have discovered in 1996, East Lake is located at 4 km thick ice and never freezes. The results of thermal scan showed that the temperature of the water in the lake is quite high — 10 to 18 Celsius. This means that, for him there is a heat source of heat. Furthermore, during the study, data were obtained between the water surface of the lake and the ice dome is empty cavity height is approximately 800 m space which created almost ideal conditions for life. Nature is so worked or is it the fruit of one's conscious effort?

Antarctica is classified as "strictly confidential"

Another mysterious circumstances — is abnormally high magnetic activity near the south-eastern shore of the lake. Its sources are also unknown. Information on the results of recent studies of Lake Vostok made secret. In 2007, drilling was suspended at a depth of 3665 m was renewed years later, January 5, 2012 at Vostok Station in Antarctica, our scientists, at a depth of 3768 m, completed the drilling and reached the surface of subglacial lakes. Then they solemnly handed the flask with water, the country's president, and again silence.

In Antarctica, found an unknown mechanism

Until 2000, the U.S. side of the lake research involved an international team of scientists, but then took the reins of control over U.S. national security. NASA representative of Media Relations Deborah Shingteller stated that such a change was dictated by considerations of national security. Immediately after these words, place the microphone took one of the leaders of NASA, said that "studies interrupted for environmental safety." Since then, contact Deborah Shingteller and find out what type of security she had in mind, none of the journalists could not.

Antarctica is classified as "strictly confidential"

There has been a lot of talk that the United States in 2001, was sent to the area of detection of anomalies expedition of an available drilling rigs and heavy equipment for excavation. They were confirmed in the book by American researcher Terence Ayman "Secrets of the Universe. 25 true stories of time and space. "

In April 2001, the American spy satellite discovered the ancient structure or apparatus that lay ill prisoners in miles of Antarctic ice. Undercover project excavation facility began immediately in the wake of findings.

The news of increased U.S. activity in Antarctica has reached the ears of the European elite.

"If this is something that the U.S. military built in depth, then they violate international Antarctic Treaty — the assistant said Nicole Fontaine, while the speaker of the European Parliament. — If not, what is that, at least, there are 12,000 years old, as long ice covers Antarctica. Then you can call it one of the oldest man-made structures on the planet. Pentagon should heed the calls of Congress and tell all that is hidden. "

The U.S. federal government and the Pentagon ignored the calls.

 Antarctica is classified as "strictly confidential"

Some military observers complained that robotic devices were immediately sent to the South Pole. There are speculations that the U.S. Air Force transported to a secret base in Antarctica C5 even a huge atomic tunneleprokladchik.

Soon after news of the hidden and urgent emergency medical assistance to some unnamed employee of the Arctic expedition. As a result, they were evacuated in the middle of the Antarctic winter. No official comment was not followed.

Magnetic anomaly at Lake Vostok, after this case, much stronger. Russian scientists who watched her were shocked and puzzled.

Meanwhile, the U.S. military airfield continued to buzz off a flurry of activity, the flights coming and going to Antarctica breakneck pace. Heavy machinery, rather exotic, appeared in the dark Antarctic glaciers.

Antarctica is classified as "strictly confidential"

When the American and European media strongly pressed for the government and American military to get at least some credible information that is September 11 … On the mysterious events in Antarctica, long forgotten.

Leaked to the press on the little information that in December 2006, the U.S. Air Force as part of Operation Deep Freeze, have carried out a large-scale parachute dropping 40 tons of cargo directly to the South Pole with heavy military transport C-17 Globemaster III …

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