Apocalypse as a transition to other opportunities

September 4, 2012 15:02

Approximation by December 2012 more on the minds of people. Despite the intense expectation of what can be line be drawn under the history of civilization, every alleged end of the world perceives differently.

According to the Mayan symbol of a new era of renewal and transformation. As for the Earth as a whole and for the individual who will take the opportunity to transform, or ignores ee.Mozhno believe or not that actually happens a great turning point, but it is impossible to ignore the facts of the ordinary. Few people dispute that the huge cycle of 26,000 years is coming to an end. For many reports, December 21, 2012 — the beginning of a new era.

Maya many will see this. The uniqueness of this date is that not only ends the cycle. The problem is deeper: it is — the universal time synchronization. We have to admit that on the eve of the planetary, solar, stellar and galactic synchronization we are living at the turn of ages. This must be taken for granted, after all, no matter what happens, happens is when, because everywhere there is the Universal Mind. Our task today — harmoniously move to the next stage of its development. On the way to a new era of Aquarius Astrologers report that ended the era of Pisces and the new era of Aquarius. This era ruled by the planet Uranus.

Apocalypse as a transition to other opportunities

Aquarius — The Lord of the water. The meaning of the sign is as follows: Two lines — "live" and "dead" water, and the space between them — a source of water. The concepts of "Life" and "Death" will be fundamental in this era. Be obvious truth: life and death — the two sides of the eternal spiritual life. What does the new space "arrangement" for mankind? Age of Aquarius means the transformation of the Earth and humanity. Must be realized The Great Shift, the mechanism — a quantum leap. But does this mean end of the world? In the sense that the world is familiar to us will remain behind, perhaps, is so to speak. But so important our feelings? We anticipate the strength loss and less to feel what is waiting ahead. One way out — to rely on higher law, and they say that the end of a development cycle is the beginning of a new one.

The evolutionary process takes place according to the Divine Plan. The main thing — do not get stuck on the usual old, and boldly take the good that offers us the Creator. Great Shift means nothing, as the transition of the Earth and humanity in a more perfect material and spiritual condition. People will become holders of a higher level of consciousness. Coming qualitative change in the internal state of humanity. Great Shift, or quantum leap will be the Ascension, which we were warned many centuries. In the new world does not constitute deliberate evil. Esotericism and astrologers claim that has already come a qualitatively new stage in the development of science, human knowledge about ourselves and the world. Think about it, do not you feel it for yourself? Powerful breakthrough for knowledge, for centuries relating to the secret, hidden, nobody will be surprised. Some were surprised shrug, not knowing how to find their own place in all this variety unusual for common sense information, others absorb them like parched earth, finally wait for moisture. But the fact that we are all, each in his degree, change, is unlikely to cause objections. And no wonder, since the space age of Aquarius — the science and knowledge. It is believed that it occurred in 2003. Great cosmic year lasts 25,920 years. In turn, it is divided into periods. Total of 12 to 2160 years each.

This — Age. Each is named according to the sign of the Zodiac. According to astrologers, astrology, each era in its own way has an impact on our planet, in general, the development of mankind. In turn, all the planets associated with a particular zodiac constellation. The onset of the Age of Aquarius is supposed to symbolize the relationship with Russia. In this era of rapidly developing not only the science, but even more are being developed spiritual knowledge. It is not excluded that new knowledge will be based on the ancient teachings. In the Age of Aquarius, major changes need to happen, and in the arts. First of all, it will be subject to the process of development of man. But by the age of Aquarius, humanity has a hard long way. Whether to believe or not to astrological calculations, each decide independently, but this information is of great interest. Astrologers consider the history of mankind since the Age of Leo (about 10 000 — 8000 BC). At that time, mankind has learned to use a habitat. Our ancestors were mostly stopped hunting and switched to growing crops. What era we passed? In the Age of Cancer (8000 — 6000 BC), people were able to leave the cave. They began to build houses on the ground, then learned to spin and weave. Has developed growing crops and raising animals. Born pottery. Next — Age of Gemini (about 6000 — 4000 BC). It is marked by the emergence of writing, people have greatly expanded their intellectual abilities, because in this period of history began to record and store information. The subsequent invention of the wheel was the prerequisite for travel and trade. Taurus era (4000 — 2000 BC) — marked the emergence of the ancient Egyptian civilization. The focus at that time was given to the cultivation of the land and building technologies. Great strides have been made in the art and architecture. Aries era (about 2000 BC — beginning of BC) — "Iron Age." Mankind learned to make iron tools. But this is also the period of militancy and aggressiveness. Age of Pisces (near the beginning of AD — 2000 AD). Sign of this period was Christianity. His influence has changed the world. Age of Aquarius is characterized by the properties of the sign, which is to the brotherhood and humanity. Expected disappearance of individual states, and humanity united into one nation. Progressively be erased national barriers. It was at this time may become achievable eternal ideal of humanity — world peace. As the rivalry between the two countries as well as in the fight against economic longer required. According to the predictions, the subject of attention will be the needs of the ordinary person, and a leading position in the society will take people educated and spiritually mature. At the same time, during the reign of the sign are natural mental enormous intellectual achievements. Mankind will have to pay more attention to the environment, there will be new technologies that resolve the problem of energy resources. So what do we expect? It is assumed that humanity will evolve in two directions. On the one hand, the expected active creation of artificial life forms, on the other, will be the knowledge of the natural progression of life forms. All events occurring in nature, including flora and fauna, and the role of man will be perceived differently. Formed a new philosophy. People will be available to spiritual harmony, the harmony of the eternal existence, harmony beyond consciousness. Uranium — a symbol of illumination, it also pushes people to overcome the conventions and stereotypes. Forecasters tipped that mankind will be available time travel. Truly amazing predictions associated with Atlantis — an ancient civilization, which is very well advanced in its development. Predicting that the secret knowledge of Atlantis will be available to humanity in the Age of Aquarius.

In addition, Aquarius — the sign of hopes and desires. In this era of humanity has a chance to achieve harmony. In the age of Aquarius acquired knowledge will help open people's new truths. And yet, according to astrologers, mankind has not rise high enough to have a new idealistic race. Will continue to overcome selfishness. But be that as it may, the Age of Aquarius — the period of hope. At the same time — will and unconscious purposes. Truly wonderful future — not rigid scheme of the future, and the likely scenario. There is still a lot depends on us.

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