Appeal to the ufologists




Appeals to you the author of three new basic science: neutron physics, neutron chemistry, astrophysics Neutron contained in three books: "The people …" "Thinking out loud", "Fundamentals of Neutron Physics" (

In modern life, of all nations. The scientific outlook of citizens formed in childhood by official science when she anybody, because of the lack of knowledge on age, can not do anything to stop, even if there are a lot of questions and doubts. With the passage of life, especially in adulthood, people have the opportunity to analyze the known information, comparing it with his own life and academic experience, as well as the experiences of other people.

A particularly strong change of heart, as practice shows, is the astronauts, eminent scientists, Nobel Prize winners. It is people-creators and they can objectively evaluate their own achievements.

As the author of three sciences who argue that the existing basic science — false, I can make a statement that all thinking people in old age realize that life passed something important, and sent them from his childhood on the wrong track.

Official science beats his chest and says that she is spending taxpayers' money properly. I do not want to say that all its activities are not true, but by giving itself the right to authorize or prohibit, it is automatically turned into a totalitarian scientific mode, which eradicates all dissent, and planted a convenient lie with the state apparatus.

The world today is on the verge of an energy crisis. Just look at the price of a barrel of crude oil.

Conferences and forums on energy conservation and new forms of energy are all the same parts as the daily news on television. Official science is present everywhere, and where the bottom line of its activities?

As in the famous movie, "And in response — just silence and the dead with braids are …"!

Is that bad and hopeless?

Nothing of the sort!

New neutron science reveal not only the essence of the existence of parallel worlds and the afterlife, but also provide technical solutions for creating gravity (no fuel) power plants (they are engines of all types of transport), new ultra-light materials, and UFOs.

For the implementation of the projects currently being established scientific and inventive center in the city of Donetsk (Ukraine), which is a new technique will prove the correctness of the new sciences. The rate of development of the center depends on the number of participants and volunteers. Like any new business, it starts with the small things due to lack of sufficient funds, and the first will go into production the gravitational power of 10 kW.

Physics of parallel worlds is described in the textbook "Fundamentals of Neutron Physics" — is the physics of parallel worlds and the structure of galaxies.

Sane people unite around the center of the Scientific and inventive and we will create a force that will withstand scientific lies and create tomorrow's crisis-free world, which will communicate with the parallel worlds, ie afterlife. Simply put, our family, which is the ultimate meaning of human life in order to unite all the worlds and the salvation of humanity at the approach of death of our star, the Sun in the distant future.

Please be addressed to the law firm "Elite Consulting" materials (texts, ftografii) of anomalous phenomena that science can not explain. Whenever possible, we will be able to explain it from a scientific point of view.

Author neutron sciences Andrus VF

President of the Scientific and inventive center.


For reference, the gravitational (fuel-free) power plant — this power plant Nikola Tesla — Edwin Gray, and that science today considers a myth, almost a hundred years. This is necessary before such a development roll!

In order to avoid all sorts of speculation and suspicion in collecting donations for the publication of three books in the English and Russian languages, a trustee of the Research Center of inventive elected law firm "Elite Consulting."

Please — when sending payments, be sure to specify whether you are specifically directed donations.

Author neutron sciences Andrus VF

President of the Scientific and inventive center.

Director of law firm "Elite Consulting" Belan Dmitry Anatolyevich. Donetsk, Ukraine.

Tel / fax: (+38062) 3812293

Submitted by: Belan Dmitry Anatolyevich 24.02.2005

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