Artificial icebergs — medics oceans and suppliers of green energy

The Great Pacific Garbage Patch for many decades, is a living reminder of how human extravagance kills the planet. And every year the garbage chute near the California and Hawaii are increasing. A plastic particles become deadly pills ticking for marine organisms.

Artificial icebergs - medics oceans and suppliers of green energy

Many probably would want to take at a time and save the ocean from this disaster, it is very difficult and time consuming. And no one can guarantee that a couple of years in the same place appears a new Garbage Patch. Therefore, a group of architects from Serbia has begun to develop special floating structures that can be placed next to garbage accumulation. They can on the spot and to recycle all the waste to produce energy from the process of refining.
On the surface of the water like a Serbian invention funny iceberg, covered with moss. As usual iceberg, the "multi-storey dump" protruding from the water of a much less than that which is in the depths. But it does not conceal danger to ships sailing in the ocean, and is designed to process the oceanic debris left by man.

Artificial icebergs - medics oceans and suppliers of green energy

As planned by the developers, the structure will be completely self-sufficient. The lower level will be located container for garbage and waste, the average two sections will be devoted to the processing plant, and the upper level — the zone of living and leisure. Since most of the molecules that make up the trash, has considerable energy, all of the collected waste will be heated in a special processing cells transform into a gaseous substance, which will be kept in a huge battery.
Given the fact that at the same time in the ocean in the Great Pacific Garbage Patch floats over 3.5 million free of debris, such spots are found in all oceans of the earth, come up with solutions for energy production may be more than successful. Of course, hedgehog left to figure out how to deliver the received energy from the sea to land.

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