As the idols went to watch online

As the idols went to watch online
Documentary series "How went idols" to tell you about the fate and relevant ways various Russian film directors, actors, poets and composers, famous and beloved by all broadcasters, athletes and performers. Those who left this life own trail, irrevocably gone into oblivion.

Any one of them lived in their own exciting, unique life. Does anyone she has developed a happy and productive, and they were able to bring one hundred percent of myself in this life. Someone lucky and less catchy, but the short-term burst of glory, forever lost in the shadow of their names, not allowing to realize the life fondest dreams.

Their lives are as different as the way they left us. Outstanding personalities and go not quite normal. Often the death of these people is tragic. But still, any of the characters in this series has left its own, catchy and memorable mark on the lives of many of their own fans. And it allows them to live in the hearts of men and up to date.

How to look left idols Online

Historical figures, people of destiny

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