Astana investigate various cosmic civilizations — ufologists

January 23, 2013 19:53

KAZINFORM — Residents of the metropolitan area Industrial thrilled with reports that their study of UFOs.

Astana investigate various cosmic civilizations - ufologists

And visiting UFOs risen dramatically in the last two years. Psychics believe that aliens are very interested in Akmola power, says "Express K" in the article Gulnur Orazymbetovoy, published in today's issue of the newspaper.

Thus, the family that lives in a cottage on the street Ushkonyr regularly monitors UFO for several years. This usually occurs at 2-3 am.

Since the summer of last year, a lot of UFO weekly survey the area and on the CHP-1. According to the psychics, aliens exploring resources in the area of the railway, which is adjacent to Akmola power and CHP-1.

Generally, ufologists believe that Astana investigate various cosmic civilization ahead of us in terms of progress on several millennia. And some aliens do not interfere in our lives, others are trying to help, but some arrive on Earth from selfish motives: to put on our experience, and then use this knowledge to further development.

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