Astrologer foretold the future of Russia and Putin

June 26, 2012 12:44

Astrologer Michael Levin is known that in 2010 predicted by the stars that will begin in 2011, "the end of the Putin era" (incidentally, this forecast is the first published "Utro", but then no one would believe him.) Moreover, the beginning of the end was going to happen in December of 2011 — so it was.

And the other day, looking again at the stars, Michael Levin opened "Ytru 'chief political secret that the current president will remain in power until 2016. And it's not about the death of a heart attack and did not like Zyuganov, — according to the predictions of an astrologer, the president or fail on his post in the wake of growing protests, or it just "go away."

Well, on the whole, in this country will ever be good — in the future will change the constitution in Russia, the center of power shifted from the president to the parliament, there is a change of the state-("servitor") class.

"The authoritarian and conservative system of government will end with the end of sesquisquare Saturn (January 2018). This means that the next election will come to power most other people. But over time, Putin even earlier: the wave of protests (Uranus square Pluto) will increase to 2016 (Pluto loves to show the maximum power at the very end aspect), and it will change the form of government in the country. The result will be a change of the constitution: the weakening of the role of the president and strengthen the role of Parliament "- this sounds forecast verbatim.

As they say, you want to — believe it — no. Astrologer, meanwhile, promises a lot of things good. "It's when a focused and consistent cleaning of vessels, the Interior Ministry and other authorities — predicts Michael Levin. — Transformations affect the whole structure of government relations. Process will continue until the mid 30's. In the mid 30's will actively demonstrate the core of a new culture. In Russia change leading class. The bureaucracy will remain, but will play a subordinate role (instead of leading). Will play a leading role "creative class." The pyramidal structure of the country is over. Jupiter in Virgo, in contrast to Jupiter in Leo — not man rule, and group interaction. "

And even those who would have thought, "the new conditions will return many of those who left during the retro-Mercury."

"Combining historical facts rules natal astrology, it can be concluded that a change in the consciousness of the people, — says Levin. — Patriarchal, infantile and extremely traditional consciousness, fearing a major change and closed in his "family" is replaced by the space consciousness of Aquarius — the cosmopolitan, innovative and mutation routine and stagnation, democratic and humane, neglecting any rigid limits in human relations. " And then according to the forecast, "to address the social infantilism inherent Raku, the influence of the rising of Aquarius. Aquarius — Democrat, he recognizes the right of others to their opinion and their freedom. "

It is true that the cost of freedom is inevitable: "The old culture disintegrates and falls in the first place the old morality and values. The collapse of the old values leads to an extreme simplification of a single-layer value structures that looks like a loss of morality, "- said in a forecast.

Either way, expect a bright future not be long. Survive but not all — of stability and prosperity finally come to Russia only in 2130. The new culture is formed a little early — as early as 2080.

Still, we have much to be happy — because we live in an era of "lifting another historical wave." "This wave, — says Michael Levin — was born one of the few pulses that change the history of the world. It is associated with the compound in the sky three giant planets — Saturn, Uranus and Neptune, which happens once in 680 years. The previous wave rose at the beginning of the XIV century, and with it began the rise of Muscovy, and land consolidation around Moscow. "

Adelaide Sigida,

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