At Deep in Belarus fell glowing ball: UFO or meteorite?

July 19, 2012 20:21

Unusual phenomenon seen in the night from 15 to 16 July villagers Volodkova, Gatovschina, Mnyuta II Glubokoe District. Local residents say that they saw in the sky a bright object, which promptly flew across the sky and then plummeted to the ground. Followed by a loud roar, according to

Gatovschina resident says he saw a very bright flash in the sky. "It lasted for about five seconds, no more. And then something fell on the ground. Thunder heard as riding in a car, "- said Alexander.
And Daniel Buck from the village Volodkova claims that it happened at night. "Twelve hours was — I heard a roar, the windows shook, rattled, and a lot of light at once. Thought maybe the machine which crashed into a tree. Came out, looked — quiet, no one. And then a friend phoned from Gatovschiny. He said that his sister had seen something like that, when I walk down the street in the evening! "

 Strong thunder in half past midnight heard Czeslaw Rudak, an engineer from the village Mnyuta II. "I just heard a noise. Today began questioning people. Well me and said they have seen the light, like a ball. Then the light was gone in five minutes there was a

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