At the threshold of a new world

January 2, 2012 0:32

December 21, 2012 Quantum transition peak and a threshold at which peace on earth will never be the same!

Rapidly approaching a historic moment of the Great Quantum Leap (transitions) in the four human dimension in the new world of which most people have no idea, and which were the least prepared.

Enhances the activity of the sun, accelerating (shrinks) the time to wake up volcanoes. Earthquakes, floods ikatastrofy on the planet warning of the approach of the fateful date, which many perceive the irony.

"Stuffed-old" repeated predictions of the Maya, Nostradamus and Vanga. Films of different genres, scientists and contactees discuss options over the world and the size of possible disasters.

There is no "end" of the Light will not, but what is happening in the world, will lead people into a state of shock. The reason — the lack of readiness for "restructuring" of the universe.

This unwillingness to multiply the danger of falling to the ground any asteroid, which are all afraid. But before the real and imminent danger people are amazing carelessness and a complete lack a basic sense of self-preservation, bordering on recklessness!

What's going on?

It is inexplicable in terms of the earth sciences, but it's time to talk about what had not previously mentioned.

In December 2012, ending a 26-thousand-year period of people's lives in a Material World (low vibration).

Over the Great Divine Experiment — to give people complete autonomy in choosing the ways of development.

Reached the end of thousands of years of search for the meaning of life and free roaming between worthy and unworthy of human actions. It is time to take stock.

It turned out that, having believed in the primacy of material well-being, to the beginning of the XXI century, people did not fulfill the program of development and could not reach the level of consciousness HOMO-CREATOR — Man the Creator, which was expected.

By Supreme Cosmic Intelligence fractal like, but always doubting or denying it, people endowed with an absolute degree of freedom, ignored Tips higher forces and guided by his own understanding of the world, is built on land the world of illusion, violence, lies and corruption, contrary to laws of the cosmos.

Now this world spiritually bankrupt, selfish world of consumption, based on the "values", meaningless to the universe, forever disappearing, giving way to the world of high Millennium and Truth.

In 2012, the world will end in linear time — to cut off frequency to the planet, which formed three-dimensional world.

And instantly, quantum, turn on another frequency that people, in the incarnation on earth, never knew.

This is the frequency of the Creator, frequency of GOD.

Prior to the adoption of these sverhchastot — True (non-linear) time, and the transition to a new dimension, the earth spiritually and physically cleared.

Spiritual and physical cleansing must go through, and all of humanity.

Skipping to the New World — the level of human consciousness.

But it turned out that most people have not reached the necessary consciousness and pass Quantum transition alone can not.

Jump into the world of high vibrations can only found in resonance with the higher vibrations, that is, seeking purity of their thoughts and deeds.

The fate of the others may be sad and do not help any high office, or the accumulation of capital, no manifestos.

To know what to do, you need to understand, "Why are thousands of years on Earth, humanity has not progressed in their spiritual development, and why, with such scientific progress, understanding the basics of life — the truth remains at the most basic level, one might say, at the level human animal? "(" Revelation of the people of the New Century ").

The cause of all the problems of humanity — total spiritual illiteracy.

The structure of the Divine Creation, do not know, not only atheists, but most of the faithful.

Thousands of years ago, forgetting about his background, people were not able to withstand the effects of destructive forces, acknowledged the supremacy of wealth and the power of money on themselves. This power to turn a man interested in uncomplaining animal produces national, religious and political conflict, terrorism, the threat of nuclear war, the degradation of morals and barbaric attitude to nature.

Apotheosis of her "wisdom" — the construction of the LHC, which is starting to work, will destroy the planet and release of genetically modified products in violation of the genetic code (DNA) of man.

Lawlessness of this power, and globalization — is an attempt to manage a group of highly developed countries of the world that is a violation of God's law, which gives people the right to free will.

Today, politicians at all levels are trying to prove that doing business — this is the only way to achieve the happiness and democracy — the best that humanity is capable. That the laws of commerce destroy the human soul, and nationalism spawned the name of democracy — nobody cares.

Democracy — government by the people, is under the power of money — can not be, because

When a society run by people serving Mammon, always will be a social injustice and, as a consequence — aggressiveness, ie, the struggle and war, that in modern conditions — suicide.

Even Winston Churchill said that "Democracy — a disgusting form of government, but nothing better mankind has not come up." But coming up with anything and do not need — the best long existed.

At all times, higher forces keep watch over people and through select (Prophets, Nostradamus, D. Andreev, HP Blavatsky, Roerich and other followers) are trying to tell that the world created by the Universal Mind, and much more difficult than the thought of him the people themselves.

For centuries, explained that life on Earth — is a brief moment of eternal life in the subtle worlds ("Kingdom of Heaven"), and its purpose — continuous improvement of consciousness to distinguish between good and evil, and gaining the ability to improve the world, but not the material enrichment.

And for centuries, "competing" forces of darkness have ("educate") rights, luring to their side, the temptations of wealth and pleasures, and most importantly — the ability to control themselves podobnymiNo as was originally intended.

To know the path of self-improvement and become a co-creator, and then the Creator of the universe, a person voluntarily agreed to undergo "training" in the Plan of dense three-dimensional world, through the temptations of the Dark Forces.

For the purity of the "experiment", the knowledge of the upper world and the past life of man on earth, obscuring veil. And the man asked about independently in all, with the most active counter the forces of Darkness. As clues, through the chosen people (the Prophets), which inhabit the particles of the Supreme Being, the Earth imparts knowledge to help the man to know himself.

But the man would not be human if it were not created for himself the difficulties that he himself had to overcome. Millions of copies of the Holy Scriptures are published, but the truth contained in them, the people themselves overshadowed by speculation and remained unclaimed.

Agreeing with the wisdom texts, it is considered that there is better things to do. All that "about God," turned into a myth or a fairy tale. Bypass all the commandments, and the law — "It is impossible to serve both God and Mammon" (as a woman can not be half pregnant), which regulates the way of man on Earth, is the ancient saying of religious preachers who do not have to do with modern life.

Goals were provided by a person to understand their role in the world and to improve the "I". This enabled the creation of a harmonious society and independent transition into other dimensions. But all people have spent millennia to create comfortable conditions for your body, the pursuit of wealth and improvement of perishable weapons destruction sebepodobnyh.

The most interesting — most people think that it was "crazy" to go on forever. Imagines himself the only intelligent beings in the universe, but not knowing what the thought, fire or electricity and looking at the world from the level of the three-dimensional measurement (entry-level knowledge of Eternity), people have recorded themselves in relatives to monkeys, and was elected to life — enriching all costs and creation of a technocratic society.

Our civilization has become a disaster for the planet and like a train, supercharged electron-emitting technology, factories, cars, computers and aircraft, and divided into rich and poor, people.

This train at high speed close to the tunnel under the guise of "GO AHEAD" passage through which people do not have time to build.

Now, for all will have to pay a high price, because the time for re-themselves almost gone. All the world is beginning to shift to the level of the Divine (high) vibration ochischayasot irrelevant to this level of negative energy that has accumulated on the planet and its people. And whether we like it or not, or not to recognize, but it is time to each person to take unified matriculation examination of his soul!

It's time to choose, but not to the Duma or the President, who in the transmutation of Space has no significance, and to choose their fate: to be or not to be?

And to be, then who? With God or with the forces of the false hierarchy?

December 21, 2012 the first day of the winter solstice will peak first (and most difficult of the 3) the stage of the Great Exodus — the transition from three-dimensional people of the material world wars, problems and suffering in the four-to the level of the sixth race in the world of high-energy vibrations — subtle (spiritual) World Spiritual Unity, harmony and creativity.

Humanity is approaching the point of bifurcation, when the world was divided on before and after the transition — the Past and the Future.

All that exists today — is already past and do not have to look back — look not at that: to the Past parting forever.

Useless endless arguments about who will be the President of Russia and the discussion of the draft of the "Skolkovo". Today, the only important thing: urgent change of priorities and, if possible, accelerated improvement of the human person.

Everything else, including the preparation of a flight to Mars, it was meaningless, and the Olympic Games in 2014 will not take place. For infected Greed (Mammon employees), which occurs equivalent sentence. And how many people will be able to save themselves, today we can only guess.

"The tragedy of humanity is that people persist in trying to build their own society without laws and without the participation of the Cosmos Creator. But without understanding the structure of the world and of man himself, as part of the universe, all the "isms …" offered by people, it is always a failure, mass murder, terror and dead end. " ("Revelation of the people of the New Century").

Only in moments of tragedy and disaster, or at the end of the earthly life the way people remember God when nothing can be done. But there would not be vain of lives or climate surprises and difficulties with the transition, if people understood that the material — it is always secondary.

What we know enriched? Yes, in fact, nothing.

Today, mention of the word "God" as an argument in the dispute, many, especially in academics, causes irritation and is perceived as frivolous. But knowledge about the secrets of the Universe can not be obtained empirically, and intelligent man — can not be atheist.

Faith — is key to the door to the future.

"Stubborn mankind should finally take off, they also blinders over his eyes, and see the Space PERFECTION! People have to realize that almost all the philosophical assumptions and paradigms not only obsolete, but already do not correspond to the true picture of the universe — they have to be discarded as rubbish "(" Revelation of the people of the New Age ").

Today it is vital to know that the universe is inhabited, there is a reasonable (Divine) origin and consists of a multi-level and multi-layer, energy-related worlds. This is a world of high vibrations of Divine forces — Slim, The Spiritual World of the Supreme Being, to manage the hierarchy of light (energy creation) created by man.

And the world of dense and ultra-dense low-energy vibrations — the material world is the lowest of the divine forces that govern the Earth (at the head — Satan in the Russian version — Crafty).

All these worlds, including humans, is composed of energy information (matter) of varying degrees of vibration (density) and the polarity (+) Plus and minus (-) minus. The task of the lower forces — temptations human experience and have him make a choice between the desire for eternal, supreme service objectives or corruptible, material "values."

Human tasks — continuous improvement of the "I" and the processing power of entropy (chaos) of the material world into positive energy (Love), a system of the Worlds.

"In the universe everything is balanced, everything is in harmony. And if the spiritual world — a world of perfection, in the Material World is necessary that the present light and darkness, good and "evil", the friend and the "enemy", and a must — the equality of two components — white and black.

Imbalance in either direction is equally dangerous. World ruled by law of unity and struggle of opposites. Equality between good and evil is a perfect harmony. " ("Revelation of the people of the New Age").

And there is a single law of energy: "How many took — so give it." It is the main law of existence of the world and man, without an understanding of which, the continued existence of humanity is impossible.

Man — this is a phantom power, wrapped in a material body (suit). He Douala in nature and combines the two worlds: the low-frequency (solid) and high frequency (Soul)!

From the creator of man "free" gets "food" for the soul and energy shell, providing a healthy physical body.

Environmental Nature gives people food for the biological body and inexhaustible natural resources for the comfortable life, the conditions for self-improvement.

Man — the most unique and powerful being in the universe. Their thoughts and feelings people generates and relays receive divine energy, directing it to the creative business, (returning "debt" the forces of Light) or parasitic power supplies (Darkness), who do not get energy directly from the Creator, and

only a person (committing negative actions) and are entirely dependent on "breadwinner", the man moves with ease from kindness to anger, from the thoughts of the righteous to the baser thoughts and their desires, and emotions, intentionally or not, affects the structure of the world and creates its privacy.

That is why for centuries said about the importance of love to the world and the need to avoid wars and violence of all kinds. With the passage of the School of Life on Earth, overcoming difficulties and temptations of deterrence, one must strive to overcome their duality — his ego (the force that opposes the spiritual growth of a person) and just learn to think positively, to stay until the end of the world, to have time to raise the level of consciousness and neutralize the negative energy created by the vital errors.

This is the Law of Karma — the basic law of the universe that people should learn from childhood. Failure of the Act, the negative energy is stored, and then developed (samoneytralizuetsya) through illness, accidents and disasters, but man is a second course of "training" after reincarnation. Knowing this, one would have never doubted the existence of a strong energy system of the universe, and Power Control Center, which controls everything and does not allow the energy imbalance

The expression "faith" is not only bore a religious sense, but it would be a scientific statement of the existence of energy systems and the management of the Force. It does not matter what the name of this power — the Heavenly Father, God or the Supreme Cosmic Mind.

It would seem that it is very easy — you just take a step to understanding God. But for the people it was the most difficult.

The foregoing may not be taken by people with a materialistic worldview or confusing religious dogmas. But the processes in the universe are independent of their opinions.

The problem is that people measures the God by human standards and try to apply our human logic to the Divine Law.

God created the universe law of free will, and no creature in the universe, and especially in the world has the right to violate the free will of man. Maker believes that only if not how limited freedom, perhaps the full development of man and his work.

This law must be the top in the world, but people come up with their own laws (prohibitions, coercion, violence, etc.), suggested by the negative forces.

Modern humanity — the fifth race. This is the fifth attempt to get the Creator from his children the desired result. All previous finish not as expected.

People have been living for centuries past, and using God embodied in a human ability to achieve high levels of development. But, having freedom of choice, imagined themselves omnipotent and elected technocratic way of development, ignoring the laws of the universe and the Creator. Their fate has ended in failure.

Did not have time to become proud, human life on earth (safety factor of biological membranes) limited to 120 years. Not living in harmony with nature, people have reduced their presence in the world up to 60 — 80 years. In the first stages of the evolution of the fifth race people strictly followed the improvement Co-knowledge and have reached heights comparable to the achievements of past civilizations.

But from the first days of his life (manifestation) in the world a person is in the "zone" special attention and the constant struggle between the forces of Light and Darkness.

The Forces of Light trying to remind man that he is — a child of the Light forces of darkness seek to acquire rights in its use, taking away from God.

Man is the most coveted prey to the dark forces of our planet as well as for other more advanced civilizations neighboring planets (yet invisible at the level of the third dimension, but always ready to enslave the energy donor).

Deterrent cunning and resourceful. They have great potential, and by all means try to get people to serve themselves. From this they depend.

13 000 years ago in Atlanta, lived on Earth have reached the highest level of development, but contracted the virus Avarice, brought to Earth by one of the nations. Losing direction and deciding that the technocratic way of development will enable them to achieve independence and power, Atlanta pushed spiritual, that is contact with God, for "later."

During the construction of the Pyramid of energy for space management (similar to modern collider), they had there was a technical fault, provoked the Flood and opened portals to the lower worlds.

Essence of the lower worlds began to influence the minds of people and lowered it to the level of human-animal. As a result, the fifth race hurt his code evolution and delay the development of Co-Education, concentrating all the creativity in the development of tools, moving the evolution of the human spirit in the background.

Began a long, difficult period of struggle against the forces of deterrence and knowledge of the Higher 'I'. "Millennium went to the first new race, break the covenant of God, and not to use the Divine knowledge to improve human nature, but only to glorify himself, gone forever in eternity!

And Millennium needed to lead mankind out of the impasse of the fifth race, and finally, the genetic code and create a new race, the corresponding original plan of God! "(" Revelation of the people of the New Age ").

Fifth race could not get through to the level of consciousness of man the creator, although he had all the prerequisites for this. All was not as effective as it should have been the people, and most importantly — God!

All the empires of the past have died, do not want (failing) to be in unity with the Creator. But for a man no other way — the particle can not exist apart from the whole (God), although attempts.

Modern people are persistently trying to "step on the old rake" — choosing the technocratic way of development, and spiritual, perceive as respect for ancestral rites, does not affect the "real" life.

Depriving themselves of contact with the Creator, and therefore — accelerated development, the person becomes a slave to technology that destroys sebepodobnyh and nature.

"Surrounding the wonders of the most advanced technology, the level of consciousness of people continue to remain at the savage, sitting by the fire in the cave and devouring their share of meat to the sound of a drum."

Technocratic civilization that people are so hard to build, is threatening nature and the worlds, she does not answer God's plan to improve the rights and will be changed.

A flood of high-energy photon from the depths of deep space to penetrate the earth and changing the geometry of space, will transfer all the living and non-living things on the planet to a higher level of energy vibrations.

For people, this will be a painful transition from the material plane to the Astral, in four, and for some people, and in five-dimension, new highly-world contact with the parallel worlds where human evaluation criterion will not material interests, and level of consciousness.

Energy "shower" to cleanse the human race of murderers, rapists, drug addicts, etc. The person who thinks negatively, has low vibration of your body and, if unwilling to live by the laws of the universe, his body, under the influence of high energy vibrations samovozgoritsya. People self-destruct.

"It is particularly large losses will be among the atheists and the" black "people. These people are vice and sin, people, low vibration, there are outcasts of society, through their own fault or by conviction, they will not be able to "break away" from the world of matter, and so die. "(" Revelation of the people of the New Century ").

Others, having experienced difficulties of transition, divided into two groups, two "camps." People who can become the assistant of God in the New World and of those who are "empty shell" — not wanting to part with the material, "bling" and religious dogma, and was on the side of the forces of darkness. They will be transferred to another planet initial cycle, ie, "in the past", the second round of "training" — repeating the evolutionary path (from the mammoths and the like), which is not desirable for the Creator.

You expect the two stages to choose its own destiny!

In the first stage you will face very soon, when the bells will sound the start of the day of judgment, and a powerful flow of energy of high vibrations (remember, 12 portals of energy) to break loose! The second option involves the use of a free choice! But you have to use it only after the quantum transition, even in four-dimensional space.

This choice would be for you to historical, because you'll have to split into two planets (two spaces). " ("Revelation of the people of the New Age")

(Note: under the influence of energy 12 portals, the human body does not resonate with the vibrations of the cosmos, ignites spontaneously, and clothing remains).

All of the Supreme Being of the Universe today in suspense that will take people who find themselves in a difficult situation of choice: continue to believe Mammon — getting into slavery forces of darkness, or, to believe the Creator — and take out to the Heavenly Father?

Man must return home to the Subtle World of high vibrations (from which came) to pass tests on a new, more complex level.

Today only one known version of transition in a thin world — through the death of the physical body. Jesus Christ was the first to show an example of the Ascension.

Now, all people have to go to the Subtle world without losing its body! Physical frame of man will change and become less dense (plazmoidnoe acquire state) but, in general, will remain familiar.

The transition of the planet to a higher level of development (vibration), is accompanied by an increase in the speed of the Earth around the sun, which can only be decompressed planet and everything on it.

To go to a new dimension, and the planet, and people need to be cleansed of the accumulated negative energy to them.

In quantum transitions thin and physically closer together and merge. The approach of the plans are activated and "manifest" (self-destruct) all the negative energy that has accumulated on the energy fields of the Earth and people. Exacerbated disease appear, previously concealed defects, frustration, aggression and desire to fight, no matter what.

A good example — unexpected and incomprehensible to many events in the Muslim countries. (In Islam (the Quran), people (without higher powers) to add, that we need a war with other faiths. This anti-divine element of violence — a negative from which Muslims must purify).

And such events will occur in many countries, purification of man is only a struggle with himself (getting rid of the negative traits), and for failure to understand the Laws of the Universe, through illness, death in war or natural or other disasters. The planet, purifying, surprising climate anomalies unpredictable natural man-made disasters, to explain that people can not, and are beyond the existing methods of forecasting.

Today it is important to understand the main thing — a person's thoughts are crucial for the universe and the number of natural and man-made disasters on Earth depends on the negative thoughts and actions of the person.

Space is very sensitive to energy, which is formed by the people and the negative energy released into space, generates in response repeatedly reinforced the negative energy, which is manifested in the form of natural and manmade disasters.

"The power of thought was familiar to people before, but now the power of thought, like a huge lens increases the flow of new energy coming to Earth.

In past centuries, the Initiates were given knowledge and ability to attract small, in comparison to modern times, the flow of energy, to the building and helping people.

The danger this time is that the flood of energy went into the people's lives and increase the strength of a person's thoughts, regardless of himself, whether he knows it or not.

Increase, born human thought, energy is matter — good or bad. In connection with this person about his personal egregors accumulate large that connect it with other similar egregors.

Formed a unified field of life, by which a person or creates. Welcome, helping himself and the world around them, or destroying himself and the world. " (10 Commandments for modern humanity)

Earth's population has exceeded 7, 0 billion. 30% of people consider themselves believers in God. The rest seems like "orphans."

Human life on earth is supported by the light-bearers, through which the Divine energy (the light) is directed to the benefit of all. In past centuries it was the prophets and saints, today is who understand that wealth — is not important for a person.

All the others — a "parasite" that consume energy without giving anything in return. This is a living to meet their needs and consider themselves "lucky" people.

People light every second relay cosmic energy to the Earth and provide balanced forces — neutralize negative (destructive) energy in abundance created by other people.

Without this constant energy flow purifying humanity would be unable to survive in the world and one day!

When people in the world were not enough, their negative behavior has little effect on the energy of the planet and it is easy to balance the activities of the prophets and saints. The increase in population and rapid decline of morals closer the negative potential of humanity to critical. Truly believing was sorely lacking.

Only a few decades ago, the resonant frequency of the Earth was fixed as a constant at 7, 8 Hz, but in recent years it has increased to the level of 12 hertz!

If the resonant frequency of the Earth will reach 13 Hz, self-destruction and the collapse of civilization will have inevitable!

Inventing electricity, people began to form the end of their civilization. Intelligent beings in the universe do not use electro-emitting devices, the environmental space.

Directed by destructive forces, a person is hypnotized by a snake rabbit, persistently strives to develop and produce electronic goods, getting completely dependent on her.

Human consciousness is controlled by the electronic media and the person more difficult to control the artificial intelligence created by the forces of Darkness.

Increased frequency of vibrations at the quantum transition "force" people to cleanse negative energy and change everything on earth!


The economic, financial and political system. Natural disasters will change geographic contours of land and destroy the economies of many countries. Start migration of peoples.

"The scale of planetary change that you have to go through, even with all your fancy, it's difficult to provide accurate and no science can not predict, let alone describe, all that awaits your world in the coming years." ("Revelation of the people of the New Century").

"The earth will throw off all obsolete — all the old energy. The lying and web systems that steal energy and will of the people.
In the first place, the earth will destroy all that the parasite on the body of the planet, in the minds and energies of mankind, all that is said is not enough for the New Consciousness. And that, above all, all the zones in the world who are infected with the virus of technological civilization.
You ought to leave all areas of the coast, all areas in which there are nuclear power plants, hydroelectric power stations, refineries, oil and other such objects.
All this will soon cease to exist on the planet. And you should not be around when they will be destroyed. " (Dictation Hierarchy of Light)

Population is desirable to keep away from the accumulation of negative energy, which are the largest cities, military bases, military zavodyi etc.

Safely in the small towns and villages The ability to provide themselves with food, and to move by rail now necessary to prepare diesel and steam locomotives.

Changing the geometry of space, followed by the disasters of all kinds, to make people believe in emergency going on, but the time to prepare (salvation) themselves almost lost.

Version of quantum transition is gentle is only possible if a sincere desire, as many people united spiritual sending mitigate the destructive processes, growing in the world.

When the spiritual unity and recourse to the Creator (with his support) the impact on the surrounding space is possible and necessary. This will significantly reduce the strength and number of accidents of all kinds.

But the people united in sending, should be at least 2%. Ideal — the total population of the Earth, which has practically unlikely.

Hope remains for 2% of the population of Russia, which will reduce the loss of many times the Russians themselves and save the rest of humanity.

But too little time left, and the desired 2% are recruited with difficulty! So, everyone wants to escape alone, and God help us all in!

"November 11, 2011-year transfer window opened fully. Vibration of the planet will be raised, and this is the beginning of your return home!

11/11/11 — Sacral date: it offers people a way to God.

From that day to begin the acceleration of all processes.

It's like a vertical rise — faster, but more complicated. At this historic moment, the whole of humanity is on the border between Spirit and Matter.

Where ever you are in the day, try to be on top of their thoughts, their feelings and actions.

You will have a symbolic ascent to Olympus.

12/12/2012 On the lattice of the Christ will be fully built.

From the date of 11/11/11 to 12/12/12 Galactic Synchronization is still time. Time to man began to think like God and conquered his own Olympus! "(Dictations Hierarchy of Light)

The desire to change (improve) himself — the only thing that is important today. Not politics, not business, and do not buy or where to go on vacation, and the desire to understand what to do to save yourself, your children and stay with his family and not be on different planets?

Many still hope that nothing bad will happen and everything will go away by itself, or God will settle. But it turned out that will not go away and do not settle. Today, the fate of each individual to decide the choice of the person.

And this choice depends on what scenario will develop in Russia and in the world: the tragic or favorable.

Modern people have chosen the most difficult option. Read, think and analyze. But remember that the Creator does not give instructions, but only suggests the direction.

Valery Leshtaev

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