Atlanta: results of the program for the supply of endoscopic equipment

As part of the modernization program in the territories continued renewal of the medical equipment. So the delivery took place in health facilities of modern endoscopic equipment. In total, the program for 2 years delivered 140 units of equipment, mainly produced in Germany, of which 22 units — in 2012. The contracts totaled 412.7 million rubles.

Equipment received Kansk Lesosibirsk, Achinsk, Minusinsk, Krasnoyarsk institution.


Chief Doctor Kan central city hospital Valery Shipovalov explained: "Endoscopic equipment received from April to June. Endovideosistemu set for City Central Hospital, hysteroscope with fanfare for gynecology — we specially taught a good lesson doctor. Complex in June for 3 million children received hospital. They generally have old equipment, but now there is a great technique for the study of the gastric tract, to investigate the bronchi. Moreover, it provides a number of additional functions, you can do not only diagnostic but also therapeutic manipulation. Everything works. Essentially, it allowed us to open new directions in health services for adults and children, which of course have a positive impact on the quality of treatment. "

Only to strengthen the material and technical basis of the program of modernization by the Ministry of Health provided the purchase of 6,490 pieces of equipment in 2011-2012 to 101 health care provider. Placed orders totaling 2,476,900,000 rubles (92% of the amount stipulated by the program). Into a state contract for the supply of medical equipment in the amount of 2,262 million rubles. The Ministry of Health plans to Krasnoyarsk to top August 2012 to deliver 4,868 units of medical equipment (75% of the total number of units — 6490), and by the end of September to complete the delivery procedures for the program in full.

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