Austria: the mystery of Mozart in his skull




One of the most important relics of the Mozart museum in his native Austrian city of Salzburg, the composer's skull, it may be fake.

To confirm or refute this assumption to some experts, a team of archaeologists uncovered a family crypt, where are buried some close relatives of Mozart. Scientists plan to compare DNA niece musician with genetic samples taken in the skull of the museum exhibition.

Mozart died at the age of 35 and was buried in the grave in Vienna, which has been repeatedly used for other burials. According to the official version, the skull of the great composer has identified the gravedigger, who, however, did not recognize the lower jaw. Either way, the controversial exhibit of more than a hundred years in the museum flaunts Mozart, attracting crowds of tourists.

One of the experts surveyed exhibit five years ago, came to the conclusion that the skull is female. Researchers intend to clarify the mystery by 2006, marking the 250th anniversary of Mozart's birth.

Battery News, 28.02.2005 12:07
Source: The Truth

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