AVISMA Corporation expanded park machine tools

Forging complex AVISMA Corporation commissioned a new machine
March 14, 2011 in blacksmithing complex AVISMA Corporation commissioned centerless lathe QL 950 Kramatorsk machine tool manufacturing plant.

Machine QL 950 is designed for roughing rods with a diameter up to 380 mm and for the treatment of rods under ultrasound guidance. Shavings obtained during processing, will be involved in the charge for further processing, which will provide non-waste production. The machine is equipped with automatic control system, and its performance is more than six times the performance of machines that make up the mainstay of the machine tool business.

A new piece of equipment has completed its CEO AVISMA Mikhail Voevodin: "The machine is not set to replace, but to supplement park machine tool shop number 21. The machine — a part of our program output on the production of 46 thousand tons per year by 2014. "

Commissioning of the new machine will help solve the problem of shortage of production capacity, expand the "bottleneck" in the area turning billet in forging complex. During March, will result in equipment at full capacity

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