Azubalis: Ostrovetskaya nuclear power — a threat to NATO

The Minister of Foreign Affairs of Lithuania, who recently said the decision to build a nuclear power plant Ostrovets "provocation" at a meeting in Vilnius with the leadership of the NATO Parliamentary Assembly raised the question of the limits of the planned nuclear power plant in Lithuania.

As theand today the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Lithuania, Minister Azubalis drew attention to the danger of planned nuclear facilities from the Lithuanian border, which have already begun to be implemented and the relevant norms of international security.

In an interview with the President and Secretary General of the NATO Parliamentary Assembly Carl Lamersam (Karl Lamers) and David Hobbes (David Hobbs) head of Lithuanian diplomacy Azubalis said:

"Projects unsafe nuclear power, which are carried out near the outer borders of NATO, represent a direct threat to the security of the Alliance, so this is vitally important for the world community issue should be of concern throughout the Alliance."

Leaders attending the NATO Parliamentary Assembly in these days: A three-day visit at the invitation of the Speaker Irena Dyagutsene and the head of the Lithuanian delegation of the NATO Parliamentary Avshtravichusa Petras, who proposed to include in the agenda of the next meeting of the Assembly of pytane Ostrovetskaya nuclear power plant planned by the border of Lithuania.

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