Banned the march, but allowed national symbols

The organizing committee "Chernobyl Way" has decided to accept the proposal of Minsk City Executive Committee to refuse to hold a rally and march in the Park of Friendship of Peoples near the area of Bangalore. The journalists were reported during a press conference held on April 21, the steps of the capital's "Orbit".

In the conference hall of the "Orbit", where the meeting was to be held, the organizers and the security of journalists did not miss on the grounds that the premises of the hotel allegedly found smoke. Therefore, a press conference was held on the steps. It made Ivashkevich:

"Despite the tentative agreement with the administration, half an hour before suddenly began teaching MOE, probably in the aftermath of the Chernobyl disaster, and we are the consequences of these."

Chairman of the organizing committee of "Chernobyl Way" Yuri Khadika reported that the This year, Minsk city executive committee banned the traditional procession and allowed only rally in the square Bangalore

Our main goal — to collect as many as possible in calm conditions, with no clashes with police.

"We had to agree, because our main goal — to collect as many as possible in calm conditions, with no clashes with police. Without prejudice to the agreements in order to implement in practice the call of Pope John Paul II «Do not be afraid."

According to Mr Khadika, the police also put a prerequisite that the passage to be a gathering place metalashukalniki, and the whole event will be held under the protection of police officers. In turn, a police manual on words allowed the use of a white-red-white flags and other symbols.

The ban traditional Chernobyl Way said another one of the organizers, created by a member of the BCD Dennis Sadowski:

"This is a clear violation of civil rights, and we see this as disrespect. We have not seen or heard from the airwaves and television from the President, who once insulted us. But when the insult of Chernobyl, which are also going to take part in this march, the authorities show that they do not respect even the tragedy that occurred. It is very unfortunate and clearly shows how modern power refers to the Chernobyl problem. "

Along with the political parties and movements involved in the current action of the Chernobyl will also "anti-nuclear company." Its member Tatiana Novikova reported:

"Belarusian antinuclear company This year, first joins the "Chernobyl Way", because our company is aimed solely at combating the dangerous object in the construction of our country. And we are engaged in "Charnobyl Way" to urge all the people of Belarus have their say. "

As reported by Tatiana Novikova, at the hotel "Orbit" was planned to hold a round table with the participation of scientists, diplomats and politicians dedicated to Chernobyl. However, it did not take place — also because of the purported zadymlenastsi hotel premises. Round table this topic was held in the office of the BPF. The organizing committee is also planning to organize a trip to the Chernobyl region on April 25. The rally in the square Bangalore plan to begin April 26 at 18:00.



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