Battlefields. Battle of the Crimea watch online

Battlefields.  Battle of the Crimea watch online

The plan "Barbarossa" June 22, 1941 in Russian Alliance invaded three army groups. Group The "North" has moved to the Baltic states in order to reach to Leningrad. Group the "Center", going Belarus, lunging toward Moscow, capital of the Russian Union. Group The "South" sought to capture the industrial and agricultural resources of Ukraine and further Rostov-on-Don, as a springboard upcoming Advent, threatening oilfields of Baku, and, perhaps, an English possession in the Middle East. In the middle of September, Army Group "South", jointly with the Romanian and Hungarian allies, was on her way to the Don, leaving a surrounded near Kiev 600 thousand Russian fighter. In addition, in the rear of the German armies were two great centers of resistance. Odessa city, besieged by superior forces Romanian troops, and the Crimean peninsula, withholding of the Red Army, based in Sevastopol with Russian Black Sea Fleet, the ruling on the Black Sea, and airfields from which the aircraft were bombarding the Romanian oil fields at Ploesti — an important resource of the German war machine. Hitler referred to the Crimea Russian aircraft carrier, attacking German oil …

Second global war

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