BBM TITUS: mobility, protection, cross-

BBM TITUS: mobility, protection, cross-
Hybrid MRAP armored personnel carriers and will allow France to strengthen market position armored combat vehicles
Nicholas Beginners
In the case of the Syrian crisis deepening Paris could face the prospect of losing the principal arms markets themselves. These fear voiced at last not so long ago in the town of Pyrénées-Atlantiques department By a two-day conference of the Summer Institute of Defence. The discussions were the role of parliamentarians, industrialists and representatives of the Ministry of Defense of France.

As noted at the conference, scheduled for 2014-2019 years programm National Defence Development anticipates restrictions in the military budget. It inspires the military industry to pay its own view on the first zabugornye markets. Since ground weapons in French defense complex offers to the world market armored vehicles, artillery, military vehicles and other equipment, in light of this, it is no coincidence became the first demonstration at the recently held in London on an international arms exhibition of modern French DSEI 2013 armored combat vehicles (ACV) «Titus» (Tactical Infantry Transport and Utility System — TITUS) 6×6.

BBM developed by the French company «Nexter» having a very strong presence in the Middle East arms market, and is designed to merit 3 main objectives: mobility in theater, versatility in combat missions and the greatest adaptation infantry. TITUS is a kind of hybrid multi-wheeled armored personnel carriers (APCs) and BBM with enhanced mine-protected type MRAP (Mine-Resistant Ambust-Protected). According to the views of developers, this concept minimizes the main drawback machines like MRAP classical design — their limited tactical mobility and permeability, making these machines out of the box wheel tf applicable really to move only on roads.

Used a modified chassis of the car «Tatra» with the wheel formula 6×6 with moderately spaced along the length of the housing axis, the first and the back of which are controllable. Absolutely suspension is independent, differentiable height clearance. In the chassis used as the elements shown in 2010 by «Nexter» BTR-XP2 demonstrator 6×6. In the basic version BBM TITUS has an empty weight of 17 tons, in the version with reinforced armor combat vehicle weight increases up to 23 tons. In the presence of a payload of up to 4 tons maximum combat weight of 27 tons achieves BBM.

Length — 7.55 meters, width — 2.55, height of the roof housing — 2.73. Reservations machine corresponds to the standard NATO STANAG 4569 and can range from Level 1 to Level 4. Namely, in the basic version corresponds to the level of reservation STANAG 4569 Level 2, but with the installation of additional modules armor can be enhanced up to Level 4. To protect against rocket- likely to install a special grenade bronekomplekta PG Guard. Mine protection levels stated on STANAG 4569 Level 4a and Level 4b, with all this, developed by «Nexter» patented design protection SAFEPRO body must ensure the survival of the personnel in the car at blasting landmine weighing up to 150 kg. The crew — three (commander, driver, gunner), capacity — up to 10 infantrymen. BBM can be created in a version with a crew of 2 persons and up to 12 marines, with the entire personnel will be located in all-welded monocoque body type, running protection system of weapons of mass destruction. Volume troop compartment cars — 14.4 cubic meters.

Modular design allows easy to create based on BBM TITUS machines for various purposes. Outside the contour are booking additional compartments to accommodate special equipment or cargo, totaling four cubic meters. Six-cylinder diesel engine installed capacity Cummins 440 horsepower (likely setting the motor capacity of 550 hp..) That in combination with automatic transmission «Allison» provides speed on the highway up to 110 km per hour.

Developers equipped car switchable gearbox, drive providing off-axis secondary roading. Supplies range — 700 km.

Currently, one layout made BBM TITUS, tests which began in France. But to enhance marketing programs from the latest development was the decision to remove the car from the test and show as a full-scale standard exhibition DSEI 2013 in London. Presented layout was equipped remote-controlled weapon station RWS (Remote Weapon Station) Nexter ARX20 with a machine gun. Maybe RWS equipment with a 20-mm automatic gun and 7.62-mm or 40-mm automatic grenade launcher. On the roof in the rear of the body on the sides are two induced inside the installation for 7.62-mm machine guns.

As reported by «Nexter» BBM is specially designed for export and is positioned as a crotch-class machines, which is promoted by the company between the market VBCI APC 8×8 and standard BBM class MRAP «Aravis’ 4×4. In case of mass production orders BBM TITUS can be started in 2015. On the basis of the basic platform is scheduled to make a whole family of armored vehicles, including command post, medical, engineering, military recovery vehicle, also self-propelled mortar installation 81/120 mm. Weight and size properties latest BBM allow transport it by air military transport aircraft A400M «Atlas» production «Airbus Military».

Nicholas Beginners
editor in chief of ARMS-TASS Agency

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