Bees — sacred messengers of the gods

In ancient times believed that the bees — the sacred beings, winged messengers of the gods and the predictors of the future, who have knowledge of many secrets. That is why kill a bee, because of its sacred nature, has long been considered a sacrilege to this day in many countries is considered as a bad omen.

Lightning in a beehive do not fall

Bee is so sacred among creatures created by God, even menacing Prophet Elijah can not hit by lightning in a beehive, unless it hid an unclean spirit.

Had entered into the house of the bee is a harbinger of good luck or ward stranger. However, to preserve the best of luck, it should allow to remain in your home or fly at will, but if it catch or kick, then good luck to be seen.

Squatting on hand bee — money, and after sitting for a while the man on the head, foretells that this person will reach greater heights in life. If the bee circling over the sleeping child, it promises him a happy life.

It is thought that a bee stung man sinned in some way on this day. Moreover, it expects soon quarrel with someone.

If the bees nest on the roof of the house, it will either burn up in the year, or daughter of the owners do not get married for a long time. When during the day several times a swarm of bees fly over the village street, the village should be expected in the near future someone's death.

According to another old legend, the bees can not be sold, they say, then sell their own happiness. Another thing — to barter. If a person wants to get a hive of bees, it should instead bring a pig or something else and do not forget that pepenosya bees in the new hive, they must be oppyskat baptismal water.

Stolen bees do not last long: they wither and die of boredom. Ukrainians have been stealing bees in the past ripped open or drove around the pole until the thief did not fall over dead.

Finns call bee bird of peace, and the Greeks — bird muses. Plato believed that the bees are embodied souls sober and respectable people. "It's no good to curse the bees, because they have the same soul as the man" — still speak Polish. In Switzerland, believe that if you are leaving the world and return to it in the form of bees.

In Russia, until recently, believed that the souls of the dead for forty days after Easter, worn in the form of bees over flowering meadows, and in Bulgaria in Whit congregation listened as the buzzing flies and bees, believing that the souls of their dead loved ones.

Wolf head in the apiary

"Pchelnoe" the case has long been esteemed the most mysterious, important and, in addition, not all available employment. Wealthy people who have a few dozen hives, the villagers for the eyes called Sage.

Sage said that the bees originally formed in swamps, water on hand. Uterus, as milch these bees, was bought for thirty evil sorcerer witch heads and transferred to a hive apiary. This Sage allegedly taught uterus sting people, and taught his craft queen of all bees.

Water-known custom to bring a sacrifice: the night of the Transfiguration thrown into the water fresh honey and wax, and drowned in the bag first or second best hive. In reward for this water supposedly multiplies bee apiary and guards.

The role of water as a patron of bees over time, "inherited" Saints Zosima and Savvaty, during which memory beekeeper honey plunges into the water, reading the plot to ensure your success in beekeeping for the upcoming season.

On some apiaries beekeepers today are digging wells and put in front of them shrines with images defenders bees. Water from a spring shaded by a chapel is considered curative.

"July 2 — one day in memory of Zosima and Savvaty Zosima — wondering about the weather for the bees. If insects are flying heavily to their hives — soon to be the rain

Bees — the only insect in which envious people, and witches and wizards unleash damage whammy. That is why to this day you can see the apiaries peculiar charms: dead crows hanging on poles in front of the hives, and the claws, teeth and head of a wolf.

Also, if apiaries see that honey in the comb are fewer, and suspect that someone jinxed their bees, honey, they read over nine special protective conspiracy: "Like the moon in the sky falls, and damage will decrease, as the Moon the sky will not be, and damage could not be found, like the moon will come and nectar for me to arrive, as the moon becomes full, and my cell will be filled. So be it! "

After a spell of honey smeared nine aspen twigs and stick them in the ground near the hive.

Conspiracy to wealth

If the bees leave the hive for no apparent reason — it is a sure sign of the impending death of the owner. What if a swarm of bees will sit on a dry branch of a tree fruit — is a harbinger of death of the owner of the tree, or any man, who had the misfortune to pass under the swarm.

Views are of the sexual innocence of bees due to a belief that if a girl is held near the swarming of bees and did not sting, so she — virgin.

In turn, in Poland, there was a custom in which a girl, choosing a husband, put it off for a time under the tree where the bees swarmed. If they did not touch him, then went to marry him.

The bee is a symbol of hard work and diligence. These qualities, gives its owner and the talisman in the form of this insect. Picture of bees in the past, it was also an essential element of many of the arms, for example, former Smolensk, Tambov, Pepmskoy, Voponezhskoy, Kaluga, Mogilev and Chepnigovskoy gubepny, and nearly all of the Crimean cities — Simfepopolya, Kepchi, Sevastopol, Bahchisapaya, Evpatopii, Dzhankoy, Alushta, Theodosia.

In addition to the hard work and diligent bee also symbolizes wealth. That is why, until recently, in many regions of Russia in the spring caught the first bees and put in a purse, were carried out to the full year money.

In addition, the buyers could not part with a leaf, tied with silk thread, on which was written the following plot: "It is in the hive, buzzing, buzzing in the hive queen sits bee thinks so can not count. Like the queen bee of their not count, so would the money I could not count them, and how those honey bees bring, cell stuff, so I would have filled my purse every day. As people at the stars in the clear but admire month, would have the goods I admired how they love honey, would have liked my product, all sold out. So be it from now until the century. Amen. "

Not without bees and marriage ceremonies. During the wedding reverencing old traditions mother of the bride or the groom sure to read the spell to avoid imminent divorce young. It says the following: "I, the servants of God, there is honey in the comb, it gives me a second God. Bees swarm is not simple, silver and gold. Each bee in her hive honey bear, a stranger in this hive does not get. Be you, hive, safe and strong, to the servants of God (the names of young) and lepok tsepok. Angel is crowned, God blesses. Key, lock, language. Amen. "

Bees in a dream predicting business people profit. For military people that dream is a sign of executive employees and good health. Parents will have good children.

Dream, in which the bees sting you, says the upcoming losses and other troubles.

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