Belarus as an area of increased financial risk

European banks and insurance companies recommend trading partner of the Belarusian companies to refrain from building up speed and gradually moves to operation on a prepaid basis. Lack of foreign exchange reserves in the country threatens to cease payments on previous contracts. So far, Europeans have been working under the trade credit when the agency insure Vlasna delivery. But the situation is changing dramatically, and hope for a "good faith" is no longer necessary.

Experts confirm that the recent Belarusian enterprises increasingly difficult to get products from overseas on credit terms. Even lobbying on the part of the government is no longer seen as a guarantee that the money will go to the accounts required. For more than a month of the financial market of Belarus fever, foreign exchange reserves are rapidly declining, and the legal and natural persons are not able to freely buy dollars or euros.

Says financial analyst Sergei Chaly:

Sergei Chaly

"This is the case of the language of commodity deliveries to Belarus. Europeans and exposure for just the risk of non-payment for these supplies. All this is quite logical, the more that go unspoken conversations about the deterioration of the settlement terms primarily by public companies. Therefore everything is quite understandable. I think it's just a statement of fact, as virtually all stopped and so, on the basis of our problems. But in a broad sense, as long as it is only a recommendation, saying that if someone else is willing to work with Belarus, the only at your own risk. And I, for one, know that some companies continue to work with its partners, based on the old stories of cooperation. "

Meanwhile Government and the National Bank does not make significant steps to eliminate confusion in the financial market of the country. Commercial banks are still limited in determining the exchange rate band, so the dollars or euros from the public accept, but to buy the currency at the bank is extremely difficult. The situation is similar in the interbank market. As a result, a thriving practice of treaty "gray" courses that exceed the official for a few thousand. However, the National Bank of panic almost distanced, and the country's chief banker Pyotr Prokopovich, according to official information, manages the processes of the hospital bed — the other day he underwent heart surgery.

Economist Vladimir Karyagin convinced that this situation worsens day economic situation threatens the plans of the authorities of Belarus to make the country attractive to investors. On He said, no one will go there, ruled by the "black" market:

Vladimir Karyagin

"Any sharp fluctuations, sharahanni, unmotivated actions of one party or another, and always have a negative impact on the investment climate, and to trust in general in our state. This decision, you can say, without a discussion of preparing a business unions and associations. Which, of course, contrary to the spirit and letter of the directive number 4 President of the Republic of Belarus. Therefore, we appeal to the State to more gently introduce here the mechanisms that regulate or prohibit something, and we hope that the development of public-private partnership should be based solely on the pattern of trust, cooperation and mutual interests. "

Independent experts say the authorities have stalled, and now they do not know how to get out of it with minimal losses. Economist and former presidential candidate in the recent elections Viktor Tereshchenko says that the country's leadership has repeatedly offered to help resolve the financial crisis. Wrote several letters to Lukashenko, twice had a meeting in the presidential administration:

Victor Tereshchenko

"I wrote a letter proposing to use not only my program — the question is not in the election program — and to have time to escape. Approaching default, bankruptcy, devaluation. Deficit exceeded $ 10 billion, and no one has any stories not feed. Was one meeting and the second on March 18, I prepared 17 graphs, calculate and display the necessary measures in the monetary policy.'ve done everything, sat for weeks, because it's not that simple. But there is no answer and never got it. Suddenly, here we go then, what we are seeing now. So I said, Moor has done his job. Under such conditions do that makes no sense. pointless to try to explain something to people who were either just Losers, or do not find the time to pay attention to their own people. Indeed probably the same in their pockets the money is, and they themselves know how to defend. "

Currency deficit makes the National Bank to seek ways to replenish their vaults. So, on April 15 suspended sale of precious metals for Belarusian rubles. Now platinum, gold and silver bullion can be purchased only for dollars. According to official statistics, only in March was purchased about half a ton of gold, and such rapid conversion of the ruble has been decided to stop.

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