Belarus has reduced the number of parolees

To combat recidivism law enforcement authorities have tightened the criteria for selecting candidates for conditional release (parole) from prison and to replace a more lenient punishment. The journalists April 20 Deputy Prosecutor General of Belarus Alexei Stuk.

On He said, administration of the colonies, which is sent to the court an application for parole on specific prisoners must prove that a person is "ready to law-abiding behavior and not commit a new crime on the loose." Judging by the words Stuk, more demanding in this process is treated as the administration of correctional institutions and public prosecutors and judges.

According to the General Prosecutor's Office applied measures have led to a reduction in the number of persons paroled from prison colonies 2010 as compared with 2009th to 41% — from 4894 to 2868. The number of citizens who have left the colony in connection with the replacement of the unserved part of the punishment for a softer, decreased from 6966 to 4120, or 31%.

2 months 2011and a colony on parole were released 274 people, almost half that of the same period of 2010, the unserved part of the sentence is replaced by a soft 460 prisoners. This one and a half times less than 2 months 2010.

"The number of crimes committed by these persons decreased in 2010 compared to 2009 is about five times," — said Deputy Attorney General.

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