Belpochta can not buy currency

"Belpochta" can not pay "Mail of Russia" duty under the agreement on the exchange of international wire transfers due to difficulties with currency.

About This was announced RIA "Novosti" First Deputy General Director of "Belposhta" Gennady Demjanenko.

"Mail of Russia" has warned its customers that can stop paying money orders from Belarus, if the debt is repaid.

"You can not buy the currency to settle accounts with the Russian side," — said Demjanenko.

He added that it is of several million dollars.

From April 21 to "Belpochta" stopped accepting international money transfers in rubles. Demjanenko explained that since its inception in Belarus the volume of foreign currency translation difficulties, particularly in Russia, have increased tenfold.

He said that the transfers in Russia were one of the legal schemes, in which the Belarusian citizens kanvertavali Belarusian rubles in Russian.



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