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December 11, 2011 20:01

Kryzhanovskaya faith, one of the most popular Russian writers abroad XIX-XX centuries, was a medium and, by his own admission, the novel co-authored with … spirit. Scientists agreed that she had to know such details of the lives of ancient civilizations could not …

Debut of a young visionary

Vera came from an old family. Her father, Major-General, commanded a brigade in Warsaw, where she was born in 1857. She grew painful, a lot of reading, a passion for the occult and historical literature. After her father died and her mother Vera moved to St. Petersburg. There, absorbed all the mysterious, she could not pass in those days, many mystical circles spiritualists and mediums.
One day after the performance of one of the mediums began to try and force some of the audience. Proposed and young Vera Kryzhanovskaya give a prediction on embedded in her hand brooches. Faith closed her eyes … and if the needle pierced her arm, withdrew a sharp pain in the heart …
Opening her eyes, she reluctantly told me that she had a strange vision: she saw the mistress brooches, haggard disease leading to rising into the sky stairs.
— Nonsense, say, my dear, — angrily pursed lips statuesque lady strong constitution. — Since childhood, I'm not sick, the sky is still too early to me. Let my brooch …
A fortune on unlucky only laughed. And Vera continued to attend the meeting, but the offer to try your hand at predictions refused.
Months later, when she came to one of these sessions, surprised her present behavior — they whispered, throwing glances at her. Finally a lady friend said, two days before she died lady on brooches which predicts Vera. At flowering looking woman opened the pulmonary hemorrhage. Probolae just two weeks, apparently it has changed beyond recognition.

Predicting the Tsarevich

After this incident, Faith KRYZHANOVSKY was invited to a seance medium. Her fan was chamberlain in His Imperial Majesty's Chancellery SV Semenov, known in the capital spirits, chairman of St. Petersburg "Mug for research in psychism." He courted her aggressively, also was rich, though young.
Soon chamberlain did Vera offer. Coincidence of interests and financial difficulties in the family KRYZHANOVSKY prompted Vera to give consent. In the face of her husband, she found a well-educated companion and mentor. They lived together for almost 40 years. Separated them only death.
At meetings of the occult circle Semenov guessing his wife's very popular. She took something from a small personal objects of the man who was meant prediction. Squeezed his hand, closed his eyes, falling into a trance and talked about what he sees.
Somehow, waiting will only close friends, husband suggested Vera's fate holder kid gloves. Vera amazed at the small size, asking spouse:
— Who is the lady, which I talk about?
— This is not a lady — smiled husband. — However, you're a psychic, she has yet to learn.
Vera came over growing concern. She closed her eyes and jerky story:
— I see a cute boy. See Moscow, a large field, a lot of people. On the head of a young man with a crown of heaven falls, the young man — the owner of gloves. Plays music, all fun. Suddenly everyone is running, falling, crush each other. Many children, the elderly, women and cripples. Field, field. He wore a lot of dead, they do not have time to take away on carts. And the young man in the crown dancing at the ball … Sin! Sin! Mortal sin! The dead are not buried!
Here's more I see — the blood in the streets, soldiers shoot at people. Icons underfoot … Portrait of a man wearing a crown of blood floats … And yet — war, war, trenches, again a lot of deaths. And again — a boy! He is without a crown, with a beard, for some reason in the basement, next — his wife and four children. Around them, people with rifles. They're shooting! They were all killed in the dungeon!
Faith woke up in tears. Stunned spectators were silent …
— Whose glove? — Whisper sounded like a cry in the silence, he asked someone standing next to the chamberlain.
— Swear that no one ever would not tell anyone that I heard today — strictly asked Chamberlain.
Surprised friends pledged to fulfill the request, asking yet to tell whose it glove.
— I wish you or I do not know about it — sigh Chamberlain. — But since I started this numerology, say. This glove is the Crown Prince Nicholas!
Diverged guests in silence. About predicting remembered the day of the coronation of the emperor — after a monstrous crush on Khodynka killed thousands of people, and Nicholas II, rather than declare mourning evening of fun at the ball on the occasion of his coronation. For bloody Khodynka followed "Bloody Sunday", the revolution of 1905, the war, 1917 was the shooting of the royal family.

First Lady of Russian fiction

In 1880, Vera went for treatment in Paris. There she began to write, and in French — in Russia, her novels were published in translation. In 86, he published the first book — a historical novel "The episode in the life of Tiberius." The audience enthusiastically took the story. Success inspires the author, and novels Kryzhanovskaya appear one after the other.
In 1888 — "Pharaoh Mernefeta" in the 90 th — "Revenge of the Jew," in '93 — "In this sign conquer" in '94 — "Queen Hatasu." It is not only historical novels: they Kryzhanovskaya concerns and secrets of reincarnation, mind, soul. And soon from her pen and novels appear in the style of "fantasy", "Elixir of Life", "Magi" — in the history of literature Vera Kryzhanovskaya rightly takes place, "the first lady of Russian fiction."
Her novels involve exigencies of the plot and just written out the realities of the time — the reader is transported to ancient Egypt, imperial Rome, the Middle Ages. Love readers confirmed recognition of the French Academy of Sciences. For his novel "The Iron Chancellor of Ancient Egypt" Kryzhanovskaya awarded the honorary title of "Officer Academy" and was awarded the Order "Palma Academy."
At the end of the 90 novels Kryzhanovskaya out and in Russian. But domestic criticism, unlike the French, did not indulge her enthusiastic comments. But readers bought up everything she wrote, and then re-edited.

Union invisible and living

Already the first of her novels have been signed "Kryzhanovskaya" and in brackets or with a hyphen was — "Rochester." In the titles of some books pointed out: "The writing is dictated by the spirit of John Rochester, VK medium." "Co-author of" attracted attention.
Indeed, from a young lady such deep knowledge of history? And Vera said in an interview, who is hiding under the signature of Rochester:
"It's not a nickname. So call the astral entity that dictates my work. In the state of transcendental contact, he tells me about their lives. It was I who insisted that his name was mentioned. At first, he saw to it that I was considered by the author. But I — only transferors of his thoughts and feelings, his memories of previous incarnations. "
Left a lot of evidence about how it wrote Kryzhanovskaya, falling into a trance. Here is what a spirit B. Scriabin in his "Memoirs":
"During the conversation, she suddenly fell silent and, holding his hand over his face, began to say:" Most pencil and paper! "Her head slightly leans back, half-closed eyes were focused on one point. She said she is not looking at the paper. The state of trance lasted 20 to 30 minutes, after which Vera fell into fainting. Written transfer ended the same inscription: "Rochester." According to Vera Ivanovna, it was the name (or rather, last name) the spirit which entered into relations with her. "
Once the entries made Kryzhanovskaya revealed authoritatively Egyptologist IG Frank-Kamenetsky. Scientists admit they known for in the British Museum papyri recording elements of the ancient rite, having made a number of significant reservations — papyri are difficult even for experts, and the text, "dictated" Rochester, more comprehensive and coherent than the letters in the archives of the museum.
In general, according to the venerable scholar, "a message from the world" looks very authentic and convincing, as to come up with such nuances of ancient rites can not every Egyptologist, not to mention a writer, without special training, and access to the archives of the British Museum.
Spirits, view the entry Kryzhanovskaya acknowledged that it is well known to them "automatic writing" when writing itself is not aware that he was writing. The manuscripts were all signs of the writer of the letter: the spelling of words together, of course, no punctuation, a completely different style.
A detailed study of the phenomenon and its Kryzhanovskaya communication with Rochester prevented World. And then the Russians and did was not up to parapsychological research.
Vera's husband died in Reval (Tallinn), where the family fled to the 17th. TB patients, Kryzhanovskaya for sustenance worked as a cleaner at a sawmill, ditching its already Craggy health. She died on December 29, 1924 in absolute poverty. Rests on Vera Alexander Nevsky cemetery in Tallinn.
History Kryzhanovskaya with automatic writing and mediumistic writing novels is not unique. Dictation from the spirit world to write as they assured themselves, Roerich, Daniel Andreev, Walter Scott, Stephen King. But who is this mysterious "co-author" Kryzhanovskaya?
John Wilmot, the most famous of the Earl of Rochester, lived in the XVII century. He was a favorite of King Charles II, unbridled brawler and a drunkard, frivolous famous poems and songs. But in the history of mysticism and mysteries unlikely that sense.
However, who knows, spirits. They have their own, mysterious life. Even a lot of lives …

Prepared by Leo ASTAKHOV
Secret Power 21.2011

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