Bioenergy Corporation — a partner of the World Economic Forum in Davos.

Bioenergy Corporation is the first time a partner of the World Economic Forum, which opened today, 25 January in Davos, Switzerland. The delegation included the Chairman of the Corporation Board of Directors David Yakobashvili and president of the corporation, a member of the Board of Directors Jan Janowski.

Top corporate "Bioenergy" will take part in the business program, plenary sessions and meetings, which are the subject of a modern industrial policy, the global economy, the development of innovation and new formats of geo-economic communities.

The program host David Yakobashvili in Davos scheduled a series of meetings with leaders of international companies, the business community and industry-specific business communities, dialogue with experts and journalists. In addition, he will participate in the meeting of the expert group on renewable energy sources (Renewable Energy Industry Partnership Meeting).

Jan Janowski, in addition to the main program of the Forum, and participates in special events Young Global Leaders «Young Global Leader", traditionally precede the opening of the Davos forum. As the curator of the Russian branch of the community Global Shapers, established VEF, Jan Janowski will also participate in the activities of the international community.

 "Davos — a unique event — says the president of JE Janowski. — It is an effective platform for the exchange of views and possibilities of awareness vectors of development of the future. Very important for us Partner status offline and the inclusion of our corporation is actively developing a number of national businesses. I think that this visit will contribute to the establishment of new contacts and develop existing partnerships. We have much to discuss at the forum in relation to the activities of our corporation. Subject use of renewable and alternative energy sources is one of the most pressing, she moved to separate block debate on the forum. "


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