Bioenergy Corporation and the Finnish company VAPO OY signed an agreement on strategic cooperation

The agreement was signed after negotiations in Finland and Moscow, and the visit of the Finnish concern for regional businesses Bioenergy Corporation in Russia. The decision to sign an agreement on strategic cooperation was taken in view of the large experience of Vapo Oy in the area of peat extraction and plans Bioenergy Corporation, realizing the concept of regional bioenergy clusters.

The agreement will Vapo Oy's possible participation in projects Bioenergy Corporation, an industry consulting, import of modern European equipment and implementation of advanced technologies in the area of peat extraction, processing and generation of heat. Concern Vapo Oy is a Finnish national company specializing in the production of peat and wood fuel, heat and electricity, industrial engineering, wood processing, processing emissions and agricultural production of peat. Market share of peat fuel in Finland is 80%.
"We highly appreciate the decision of Vapo Oy optional Bioenergy Corporation as a strategic partner to the Russian market. For us it is important expertise and practical experience of the world leader in the field of peat extraction and processing. — Says the president of Bioenergy YE Janowski. — We are confident that this partnership will enable us to successfully implement the transfer of advanced industrial technology and implement technical modernization of production infrastructure for all clusters of the corporation. "
In turn, the production director of Vapo Oy Ilkka Heykilya said: "This is a very promising collaboration in expanding cooperation with Russia. We are impressed by the size of the project and the raw stocks Bioenergy Corporation. Our company attaches great importance to ecological production processes, and we hope that these practices will be needed and useful for the development of the peat industry in Russia. "

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