Birds words, the prophecy and the apocalypse flooded Internet search engines

The American Louisiana — after Arkansas — collapsed rain of dead birds. A few hours later, dead birds littered the streets of the town in the southwest of Sweden. Ornithologists are trying to figure out what is the cause of mass deaths of blackbirds and crows.

Superstitious city residents say is coming to an end.

The third case this week: Arkansas, Louisiana, and now — a quiet Swedish Falcheping. Eyewitness accounts are the same everywhere: flocks of birds falling from the sky. In Sweden, it was the crows. Street — to the horror of passers-by — seeded dead birds, even had to block off traffic.

"We tried to pass and saw that the entire road is straight black fallen from her birds. Some were still alive: they twitched, it was evident that they were literally fighting for their lives. Falling from the trees, as if something scared them, "- says Sebastian Dyurberg witness.

Veterinarians in Sweden, and in America now scratching their heads — clear explanation from them or not, but only guesses and assumptions. For example, for the case in Arkansas — where mysterious deaths of thousands of blackbirds — that, according to scientists, most likely, the birds could not stand the noise and flashes of fireworks New Year: for them it is too much stress. In Louisiana — several versions.

"It will be necessary to make an examination, to see if there were any poisoning, maybe it's in the environment," — says ornithologist Jim Lacour.

But that's what happened in Sweden — a bird watchers do not even pre-release version, except for general statements about extreme weather and pops of firecrackers.

In the online search engines after these — hundreds of thousands of requests for the word "bird", "Prophecy", "apocalypse". Members impressed arguing about why in different parts of the world in one week for no reason, no reason at mass killing birds, and what it all means. Some believe that the end of the world is now just around the corner, while others say that science is actually known many such cases, but, for example, in the same "revelation" of John is not a word about the incident from the sky and blackbirds jackdaws.

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