Birth of a new reality: AN Dmitriev, A. Apanyuk

"Recently, people's interest in what is happening on our planet changes appears wider. Increasingly, these issues are heard in the media and on the Internet. Unfortunately, information often comes from incompetent sources, so contradictory and not credible.
How seriously and deeply reflected the topic in general programs of scientific research? On this and many other questions we asked the professor, doctor of geological-mineralogical sciences Alexei Dmitriev. "

We happen to live in a difficult but interesting and important time of great change in the world, to avoid that hardly anyone can. Accelerating global warming, the sprawling social and political conflicts, economic crises, the appearance is not to diagnose disease — all of this together shows a very important: in the life processes on the planet, we have reached the threshold of a new reality.

To what extent the changes occurring on the planet depends on the person? Can we make a difference?

The universe and our bodies are formed from the ever-changing energy fields. These fields interact, and create our world. People are like communicating vessels — the exchange energy, health and disease, and thereby create a common energy field. It, in turn, spreading like ripples on water, impacts on other people, the environment, the state of the elements, climate, and other processes. It is no accident since ancient times, it is known that in the areas where the "holy" people are much less climate and social upheaval. "Saints" people, matching his consciousness with the laws of nature, keeping your inner world in concentration and purity, and are able to balance the space around them.

Now and in the scientific community say about the impact of mental and intellectual activities of any man on the ecosystem level. In our country and abroad are plenty of social-psychological experiments involving human energy field. There are reports that ionizing radiation above the surface of the human body in the tens and hundreds of times more powerful than the background radiation environment.

"Our thoughts and feelings play a significant role in shaping the new reality — says scientist AN Dmitriev. — We have nothing to hide within themselves — all generate our feelings and consciousness, goes to the outside world in the form of special electromagnetic pulses, and thus affect the quality of the environment. This is the case of our volitions, emotions, thoughts — all the things from which is constructed the interior of each. And this inner space is inseparably linked with the space outside.

Time for doubts mankind no longer exists. It is possible that the fate of humanity and all other species on this planet is dependent on the choice of the present generation of people. Everyone needs to look inside himself now, impartially and rigorously assess the quality of its interior space — part of desires, thoughts and feelings — and continue to follow him, like his apartment, winding, running light and air and holding a general cleaning. Only high-quality, pure consciousness is able to withstand the chaos and any elements. And if this is a consistent collective consciousness, then we will have a serious chance to safely cross the reality of the future is to be built. "

Recently, people's interest in what is happening on our planet changes appears wider. Increasingly, these issues are heard in the media and on the Internet. Unfortunately, information often comes from incompetent sources, so contradictory and not credible.

How seriously and deeply reflected the topic in general programs of scientific research? On this and many other questions we asked the professor, doctor of geological-mineralogical sciences Alexei Dmitriev.

— Alexey, now at different levels discussed changes on Earth and in the solar system. Often to arbitrary interpretation of the new information. The science deals with these issues seriously and deeply. What happens in reality?

— Affected your topic is very high-tech and really difficult to understand. Scientists are not the first record the development of significant changes, not only on our planet, but in the whole solar system, and in their responses, I will insist on the fact that increasing the influence of cosmic forces on Earth. Changing his eleven-year cycle of activity, the sun stood still in the process of sunspot expected us, Venus is almost completely changes the atmosphere and the range of luminosity, and Jupiter, interacting with its satellite Io plasma and accumulates, it may soon light up like a second sun. Saturn, on the contrary, "wind down" and loses the inner rings, sanding the surface of the planet. Uranium tenfold increased its elektroproizvoditelnost and temperature. Began its transformation and Earth — as a structural unit of the solar system, to obey the laws and requirements of the space of the evolutionary process. What is happening now can be called a planned reorganization work, the evolutionary progress and the results of which we can not understand or cancel.

— In recent years the world has increased markedly catastrophic. The extent to which these processes contribute to human activity?

— Humanity, guided uncontested economic model violates the natural structure of the home planet: we take out and redistribute the "living flesh" of the Earth — its life and energy, minerals. Everywhere are energy technological anomaly: we build nuclear power plants and hydroelectric power, create test sites for nuclear weapons. Concentrated in mega-cities electricity is also a huge geophysical anomalies. Radio, TV, cellular saturate near-Earth space by electromagnetic waves — and around the world formed a dense cocoon of very low and very high frequencies. In other words, technospheric process destroys the communication and interaction channels Earth interplanetary cosmophysical.

Despite this transformative process on earth continues, but he is more irregular and catastrophic. Cosmic energy is uncontrollable breaking through a barrier created by our energy, promote more frequent hurricanes, supergroz, earthquakes and other natural disasters. There are other circumstances which should be aware of the need to raise the level of human responsibility.

— Today, not less talk about the upcoming change of the magnetic poles of the Earth. This topic generates a lot of speculation and fear. Please help us to sort out this issue.

— The phenomenon of geomagnetic reversal, is among the natural components of the mechanism to adjust the Earth solnechnosistemnym changes. There are two options: a geomagnetic excursion — a temporary displacement of the magnetic poles and their subsequent return and geomagnetic reversals — complete reversal, when the North and South poles are reversed for a long time. Land has already been through both. The geologists are even able to determine the approximate number of inversions, and to map the movement of the poles, moving on strict paths. There is evidence that the last time the poles have changed 10-12 thousand years ago. This event is consistent with regional flooding of land, some were linked to the event of the Flood.

Now scientists are securely fixed speed of the magnetic poles, but a foregone conclusion that we are waiting for, excursion, or inversion, they still can not. Many data suggest that the process began in 1850 ± 5 years ago and now accelerates unevenly. There are two comprehensive geophysical observatory, one of which is in Canada (Resolute Bay), and the second — in Siberia (Cape Chelyuskin). They register the Cavity dynamics and highly sensitive magnetometer measures the intensity of the horizontal component of the geomagnetic field. Who recorded a slow decline of this voltage. If this continues, and with the acceleration, then after 4-6 years it will be possible to speak with confidence about the future of inversion (full polarity reversal).

This was also indicated by changes in weather patterns and climate. Of the sixteen klimatostabiliziruyuschih parameters, which for thousands of years, "obey" the planet's climate, eleven have undergone a complete transformation recently.

There is also indirect evidence of the process of movement of the magnetic poles closer together. Even the military has had to take this into account: reoriented long runways to correct for the dispatch of aircraft wiring, being repeated magnitosemki their interest areas, etc.

The overall composition of the changes in the geological and geophysical environment affects the biosphere as a whole. According to some researchers, the behavior of animals and birds also shows that the geomagnetic field is changing — they have changed their migration routes, as guided by magnetic field lines. Changes and the state of the people. Meteozavisimost official medicine is considered as a diagnosis of our time. There is a growth of unusual mental states, are increasingly recorded cases of loss of spatial and temporal orientation, disabling memory. However, people wake up some new skills, are born endowed with extraordinary qualities of the children …

— If, however, begin reversal of the geomagnetic field, what long-term effects can be expected of mankind? Which threats are most likely?

— Reversal creates a sharp decrease of geomagnetic dipole. Growing imbalance of the Earth's magnetic frame, so that is already a sharp increase of radioactivity, including the near-surface air. Precedents already exist. For example, in the world as a result of the Brazilian anomaly negative magnetic field (which is 23 000 nT, which is much lower than the voltage of other magnetic anomalies — 58000-60000 nT) is a rash of radioactive material from the Earth's radiation belts. In recent years, devices are periodically fixed radioactivity in the 80-90 times higher than normal! And can you imagine a picture almost everywhere … If we add to this the entire amount of projected changes, such as a sharp increase in the intensity of thunderstorm processes, including the redistribution of land and water bodies, increasing diversity, the number and energy meteokatastrof, etc. — will be clear: we are waiting for abrupt transition to a new life. And stand it not everyone can.

— What follows in this case to trust the person, society?

— All the money goes to the technology, life, nature study is not enough. So the answer is as yet tentative …

If we are going to tie their "bright future" in the first place to the material well-being, the Technosphere material and energy control will increase. After all the material comfort and prosperity require further technological progress, and hence further races consumption. All this inevitably leads to the destruction of the laws of geological-geophysical environment — the basis of the climate, and in the end of all life on Earth.

It is no secret that the interaction between people are not only using the five senses, but also the subtle energy level. A person other than the physical body has its own electromagnetic field and gravity-spin. An extension of the organismic field — this is the experience we have in life psychic energy.

It is the psychic energy is the guarantor of life. Focused and conscious control, it applies to natural processes, to the point, which may even cause or prevent earthquakes. (Of course, this feature modern outlook sharply denied.)

— It turns out that the improvement of human rights and increase its role in the world and in space due to the quality and quantity of mental energy?

— Yes, but keep in mind that my answers only indicate the direction in which to contemplate the man of himself. Soon, everyone will just have to solve the problem of the quality and quantity of their mental energy.

Purity of our inner world is directly related to the degree of responsibility for what happens to us and around us. Our thoughts and feelings play a significant role in shaping the new reality, they can be much easier Earth evolutionary transition in the further development of the solar system. The more people who join in the cosmic processes on the Rights of literate participants, the more evolutionary equilibrium foci appear on the planet.

NB! Siberia, scientists project that has a good chance in the prevailing climatic situation. Its territory is located in the zone of the East-Siberian world magnetic anomalies, which increases its intensity. They contribute to the life process. Therefore we can talk about the possibility of this in the beginning of a global change is not only a new favorable climate, biosphere and the environment in which perhaps even the emergence of new forms of life.

Transformative processes started and go, and the Earth is involved in them, despite the difficulties encountered. In chronicling the events included developing and we are with you. And it's time to take for granted: "If you want to change the world? Start with yourself! "

The newspaper "The thoughts and health." N 8.

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