Birth of the Sun — Kolyada

December 21 — The Birth of the Sun (Winter Solstice, Christmas Carols) — celebrated the winter solstice, the shortest day of the year.

Now it falls on December 21. Time of the winter solstice — the beginning of astronomical winter.

Carol — the god of the newborn sun. On this day, the ancient Slavs arranged holiday in honor of Christmas Carols. Singing songs, praising the gods, Kalyada praised for having turned the sun in the spring. People were happy that despite the cold weather, the day will now begin to add up, the sun in the sky will shine longer and brighter.

In the Christian era to this day was dedicated Christmas. Gradually, the Christian holiday rooted in pagan. Winter Solstice has long been regarded as the birth of the gods. Mithra was born on this day. Christianity simply adjust for yourself this date in 273 AD.

During the winter solstice Nature freezes in the world there is peace, stability and permanence. This quiet, powerful energy of peace pervaded all around — the sky, the stars, the trees and the snow. Everything radiates peace and quiet joy. At the same time the sun moved to the summer, something changes for the better. The end of the old one — it's always a new beginning.

Days of the winter solstice (December 21-23) — special energy days. These days the quiet Sun around like summer solstice day (June 21-23).
Winter Solstice — the turn of the sun in the summer.

December 21 — with this number begins to increase day and night to diminish. Quiet light holiday, family holiday. On this day, dress up a Christmas tree. That is to dress up, that is, go to the forest, pick a beautiful young fir tree, decorate it with colored ribbons and creates a simple toys. Drive around eating dance, sing, praise the gods, Kalyada praise for having turned the sun in the spring.
Until the spring is still very far away, but this joyous holiday. The joy of that short, dark days are over, and now the day, at least for a moment, but will be added.

Do not cut spruce for the New Year holidays, give up this wild, strange custom of the Slavs. Slavs have always felt the nature and care of her. Do not cut spruce on a holiday — it is custom Chernobog symbolizing the murder of Veles and the triumph of darkness. This is the magic of sacrifice. Do not cut spruce and you will feel that they have become healthier, stronger, calmer, will establish a personal life. Maybe because people are living with a bunch of problems, which together dragging felled fir at home in the new year. She avenges people, radiating energy resentment and fear. In fact, people celebrate the New Year's table for eating death, death god Veles.

From felled spruce energy comes the fear of death and people feed on this energy. In this way they make their souls even more callous, black, reinforce a program of fear. This attract various magic attacks and unpleasant situations.

Doctors say that living volatile good for health, but do not say that the energy of death destroys health and destiny. This can be understood only by a subtle sense of people.
How would you like it if you died and were taken around you dance and sing a song?
The world is very fair. Rewarded for pain pain for joy — joy.

December 21 people go into the garden, shake the snow from trees and shrubs. Congratulate garden with the winter solstice. Communicate with trees, pets, bees and all domestic animals. The same thing can be done in the forest.

In general, access to nature in this day and in the next 3-4 days (Sun's day) is very desirable.

On this day, rinse well spring, river or any other natural water, rub with snow, wash away the old energy. People are running around naked and barefoot in the snow — take off their pathology.

Bonfires in honor of the sun. Around the tree, or fire dance lead by the movement of the sun, signifying the earth's rotation around the sun. Straw-wrapped wheel — symbol of the cycle of life. They set fire to the wheel and from the mountain or hill rolled down.

Oleg and Valentina Svetovid

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