Black Label to the authorities and deputies with Vovkavichav

Society Day to day, exactly a month ago on Tolochinschine in der.Volchkovichi, burned alive just in bed half old Olga and 4-year-old Makarova Nikitka. Svirnavy hung on the door lock, so the kids could not get loose.

In Volkovichi we moved from a human rights activist, member of the Central Committee of the Party "Fair World" Nicholas Petrushenka. About the cause of the fire is a lot of speculation, but as a result of social problems about him did not respond, none of the local deputies of different levels.

… A 7-am and was more or less crowded except at the site of part-time farm "rajagroservis." Come to work.


Lord"What we have right? We are all here … x a … . " (Laughing.)

Savchenko"And for what means did you buy a new bike?"

It took Mr. Savchenko, an engineer by agricultural machinery.

Reporter"In Vovkavichah is the only" money "place of work for the local?".

Savchenko"So, the farm is still there on 200 goals. On mehdvary employs 12 people … . "

Reporter"Well, what wages — after the election, as Lukashenko promised to get a million? '.

Lord (laughter): "There's ask — economist …".

Otvozhu aside finansistku, Mrs. Inna Gomelko.

Gomelko"Salary normal — to seed up to 3 million may have, at the usual time 850 …"

Nearby, pyhayuchy ferry stopped tractor with punctured tires. I talk to the driver, Alexander Antashkevich, which, however, only partially confirms the words of economist.


Antashkevich"We had to go to Talachyn to lug around a sawmill wood — now that's not finishing. 30 minutes of work, but spare not, the old walk-gathering. For three years he moved from Rybinsk — published in the summer of 200 million, and 300,000 received there. And here comes the winter of 700-800, as is work … . "

Meanwhile, the nearby school bus stop, which quickly jumped seven students of different ages, which today remain in Vovkavichah. Former vahtersha Svetlana Degtyareva now simply accompanies the school in Vorontsevich.

Degtyareva"It is a pity that the school was closed — the decline began in the village was quiet, as in the swamp …".

On the farm — she too close — leaving behind children watched with sadness now padvozchytsa feed, Mrs. Anna Belanovich. She sighs.

Belanovich"I worked in a school assistant warden, 67 students were 10 people — the largest class. As he left, a set is gone, left 20 people had to be closed. The desperate situation — go here caretaker. 6 flights do on the day, 600 rubles on average comes out. Here is our head … . "

Balgunova"Hello …".

Reporter"I'm a journalist from Minsk, looking at how people survive in Vovkavichah …".

Balgunova"Do not survive — we live!".

Rugal"No — survive! And this place is in decline, we're sorry … . "

Arguing the most robust and important friend in the farm — Head Valentine Balgunova yes milkmaid Larissa Rugal. However, as it came to life's necessities, talking the same tune.


Mrs."Of course, and ride to the village council nyavdobna. And to get to the hospital nyavdobna. Here's a sick person goes to Vorontsevich at 8 am — where the doctor takes. Until the end, do not have time to get back — the bus leaves at half past nine. We're going to Talachyn — there talenchykav not. And when the doctor will take a 2-shift, you need to back to the taxi. A taxi Volkovichi for 6 km 30000 is because the road is so bad, do not want to go … And to go to kindergarten — this is a painful problem! We telyatnitsy Bartashevich — son died, and the daughter was deprived of motherhood — took the two children. There is no one to take to the garden — the teacher asks, that byarets them on the bus, perfect stranger meets them there and leads to the garden! . "

Interviewee spoke about the events at the metro station "October" in Minsk. Mrs. Larisa openly says he does not trust the authorities.

Rugal"In order to raise your rating, Kolka again for gold plant — more correspondents, do not take photos of Kolka on our gold reserves! (General laughter.) What do you smeyatsesya? And I would have told him in the eye! He put his saplyuka for gold, which is what I earned, my parents! Plant a mine, your children, they are not worse, and let the straps hang "(Laughter.)

Finally, it came to a house fire Makarova. His mother, Olga, is working here on the farm as a milkmaid.

Balgunova"It is written in" Our Tolochinschine "that she was called to work in the morning — it was not summoned, she was a working day, but here there is no output. I worked in Vitebsk in production — there is a mother who has small children, a 7-hour day, the weekend is not working. Mother — a quarter to 12, it was not, and it is necessary to drive the cows — I sent her on a milkmaid, and the fire was at half past two. Went along with working with her … . "

Petrushenka"They are silent on the eve in the garden of the officer MOE conducted classes in which children were taught the" right "strike sharply matches. And taught to his head … . "


We go to Nicholas Petrushenka to ashes. Silently suitable neighbors and his father, Andrei Makarov. He was disabled two groups during the fire was at work in the forest.


Makarov"I do not know, in the brain can not keep. My brother went in 2:00 — no smoke, nothing. And at 3:00 in the whole glass house, it was pointless to save … . "

Reporter"Now what apartment you give? '.

Makarov"Dali — where half of rowing, window glass …".

Seeking a 24-year-old Vladimir Derkachovym — it ends in 3 months courses tractor from the center of employment.


Reporter"You think to come back here."

Derkach"Yes, the salaries are not bad. Youth pavyehala here. The club is on the weekend come to the disco. I think … get the economy . "

Reporter"And the earth was given to 70 hectares — would take?".

Derkach"Naturally, we would like to have …".

Reporter"You know why not profitable today to take? '.

Derkach"Honestly — I do not know …".

Reporter, "Somebody will give you a loan? '.

Derkach"As one — no one will give me …".

Reporter"The technique of leasing? '.

Derkach"Of course, no credit, no technique will not give. And I would like to … . "

Upon hearing of the arrival of the correspondent of "Freedom", I was running up a 35-year-old blonde, that the operator works on a farm milking "rajagroservis" — Ms. Love Antashkevich. Three years since her family instilled in the collective farm house with no windows.


Luba"Windows, see oilcloth trimmed — no frames and the glass because it can not deliver. Protect her children, so that there was no need to light the stove all day — the wind plays. Pasted wallpaper for your money. A committee of the school, where the son is learning came here — stood, and said that the house was dirty … . "

Reporter"That is the frame, so do not need it?".

Luba"So, 2 days later was told that there is no bed — only to then uttered!".

Reporter"And turned into the" Agricultural Services "to the director — his name? This is the farm house, they have to do … . "

Luba"Oleg Danchenko G.. As soon as settled, he told me: "The main thing — the house, all the rest — for the money." I then either do not appeal to anyone, since the windows put — 7 million salary — a million would be my house, and would have accumulated had done. But what is not mine, buy today, and tomorrow will not live … . "

All gathered together indicate to me at the house of the former director of the school, 75-year-old Mrs. Fundy. It is among the villagers respected man, two years was chosen elder of the village. Disguised in a shawl, Alla G. friendly encounters. But I know that this issue did not leave indifferent.


Reporter"Why the future refused to go to the elders?".

Fando"When I take up my case, I have to do it. Agro not. People are moving because — schools are gone, construction stopped, work — only on a farm, and there are people in other professions … . "

Petrushenka"Alla G., who currently have a regional and rural deputies? '.

Fando"Dima Vygovskiy — village council, veturach, and the district do not know …".

Petrushenka"And for whom you vote — one vote against it? '.

Retrospective. An hour earlier, on a farm with a milkmaid Larissa Rugal.

Reporter"Do not know who your MP district council? '.

Rugal"And to us it matter? Well, who do not wait! . "

Petrushenka"You know him well — Mareyka."

Rugal"I also carry the election with a bottle — to know where!". (Laughter.)

Once again, the conversation with Mrs. Fundy.

Fando"So what does this deputy? Nothing! Mareyka not done anything good for the village council, not only met people who do not katsiravavsya. We tsyachets shop, village council tech — repair the roof! I called Mareyku — come and see. No, Palyanina, chairman rajpotrebsoyuza, arrived. The girls refused electrician, all ports in the store. And she — well, naskardilisya? . "

Petrushenka"Stop! So, too, the deputy Palyanina! . "

Fando"I go to the store, I did not see her. Girls stand at attention, my grandmother huddle. I say I purchase — pay attention to me! — Who are you? — The ordinary man. And we grappled. I told her — respect people vypendryvaessya in front of us? . "

Petrushenka"Mareyku and Palyaninu withdraw worth it? '.

Fando"Is it possible to vote for people who do not know …".

The results of analyzing travel together with human rights activist, Mr. Nicholas Petrushenka.


Reporter"Nikolai Semenovich, investigators have turned bad — we do not know why the children were burned …".

Petrushenka"But, Vitaly, we are better than the ones made with the official investigation mandates. Because not concluded — these children have not been registered as a family, that at risk. In kindergarten through third parties fall, In tragedy turned personal fault of officials. what happens — a woman goes on maternity again make-do! And the government, instead of saying "stop", from the pages of "Our Tolochinsky", "Sat" throws up his hands — "do not know why the burnt . " And who thought that the family did as a plug in the barrel? The village is drinking, and pushing them to work, work! "

Reporter"It is significant that members of any level have not tried to intervene to help …"

Petrushenka"The session was deputy Mareyka took the floor to protest that he was" wrong "met on the way to the state inspector Volkovichi …".

Reporter"From the situation in Vovkavichah begins start of the civil campaign, at least for Tolochinschine — to recall MPs who" does not justify the confidence of the people "? '.

Petrushenka"The company is called" Our House: MPs to justice! . "Revoke be the most" colorful "antydeputatav. Today, two families were made — the former head of the vertical and the head Mareyka rajpotrebsoyuza Polyanskaya …"

Reporter"Would not that be some opposition" phantom "? '.

Petrushenka"Dark Mark" send — official papers do an initiative group to catch violations of the laws to begin the review. People have a claim to MPs — this is the most important thing. The situation will become a touchstone Vovkavichah campaign we zapachatkovvaem … . "




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