BNF is fighting for Barton in court

April 19 at the Economic Court of Minsk will begin consideration of the claim BPF to public services of the Soviet district of Minsk. Representatives of the parties intend to contest, that they refused to renew the lease premises Justices. In turn ZHREO does not abandon the intention to evict the party of the leased premises and went to court with a counterclaim.

Party activists have said that the demands of public services to vacate unfounded and refused to release him. The estate is organized clock watch, which lasts twenty days, said one of the protesters protect Syarzhuk Semeniuk:

"In fact, by the end of March manor working around the clock: day and night, there are people who are on duty at the phone. Those people, that come, we give an opportunity to make a statement in the Minsk city executive committee with the requirement not to evict the Belarusian Popular Front party from the premises. And a lot of people call and express moral support. "

A lot of people call and express moral support …

Tenancy agreement, which the party took more than 20 years, ended March 31. The premises of the Office, it was necessary to release on April 1. In this case, utilities determined to enforce his claim and asked the court for eviction.

The position of the Soviet District ZHREO expresses employee service Inessa Ruzyeva:

"Ended contract — they did not perform properly the rental conditions. We have a presidential decree, in the lease agreement has a point — on the basis that we do not continue the lease, everything."


Leaders BPF also went to court to appeal the decision of municipal suzhbav eviction. Unfounded and spurious claims communal party chief calls Yanukevich:

"Absolutely was a small delay in the payment of rent, and it can not be treated as a material breach of the lease. Moreover, there is a solution the State Property Committee, what we can bts contract is not even one year, but for three. Therefore, we believe ZHREO that was to conclude with us a new lease. "

The campaign protection Justices BPF April 1, at the office of cultural events take place: movie screenings, art exhibitions, literary evenings. Break was made Only in the days of the tragedy in the Minsk metro.

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