BNF will review the complaint again in a week

Supreme Economic Court of Minsk today held a meeting to consider the appeal BPF and the public association Belarusian Popular Front for the court's decision to release their office on Avenue Masherova.

On court spokeswoman was ZHREO Soviet district of the capital, which owns the rights to the building. BNF was not represented by anyone — none of those persons to whom furnished the relevant documents to the court, for various reasons today, could not be present in the courtroom. Therefore the management of the Belarusian Popular Front appealed to the court to postpone the meeting. The representative ZHREO not insist on considering unilaterally.

In the end, the court decided to return to the case Tuesday, June 21.

In the room on the avenue Masherova 8 (formerly Varvashenya street, 8), which is often referred to as "the estate of BPF", since 1992 is the central office of the party. After last year ZHREO of the Soviet district in BNF reported that the premises should be freed. As the BNF refused do it, ZHREO went to court and wins while processes.


BNF, harassment

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