Bobruisk: Chernobyl is not allowed to picket

Bobruisk local authorities did not allow the opposition to hold a rally, marking the anniversary of the Chernobyl accident. He had to go through April 21 at the stadium, which is located on the street Urickogo — it is an urban suburb. Applicants were urban organization of the United Civil Party and the Left Party "Fair World".

According to the head of the party organization of the UCP Victor Buzinaeva, City Council argued the refusal by that organization, the applicants did not have a reception.

"That's not true, because our organizations are registered and have their offices. They are simply afraid that by people will reach alternative information. The authorities are afraid that the "Chernobyl Way" could turn into a large-scale opposition protests. We thoroughly worked in groups of enterprises. And there was a great danger to the power that can come to the picket lot of people. We were going to distribute leaflets about the dangers of nuclear power plant construction in Belarus. They decided, as long as we understand with far-fetched failure, and the time will pass, "- said Victor Buzinaev.

According Buzinaeva, letter of refusal to carry picket signs Chernobyl vice-chairman Bobruisk City Executive Committee Michael Kavalevich.

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