Bobruisk: Social-democratic activist interrogated by the KGB

Member of the Belarusian Social Democratic Party (Hramada) from Bobruisk Yuri Grinevetsky interrogated by the KGB. The summons was brought to him in the morning on April 20 to work. It was stated that the activist should in 16 hours to appear for the interview in the framework of the law "On operative-investigative activity."

The survey conducted Silkou Senior Lieutenant.

Grinevetsky"From me wanted me to sign a paper that I am the leader of the unregistered party structure in Bobruisk. What we have regular meetings. In short, we are actively party activities, and I'm in control of everything. I explained to them that someone so informed. I recognized that I am a member of the Belarusian Social Democratic Party (D), but did not recognize his presidency. I can not answer for the words of someone. I would like to warn about the inadmissibility of activity on behalf of unregistered organization. I explained that we have twice filed for registration, but after we found ourselves office, we have not registered. Clear to me that I was called to frighten, to relieve the activity. Do not have a single cause. "

After the dissolution of protests on Independence Square December 19 dozen Bobruisk Social Democrats went through questioning by the KGB and the police.


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