Bolzano: mummy forced to tell about themselves




Research mummies neolithic man, who died about 5,300 years ago, have led to new results. Forensic experts who climbers passed his discovery in 1991, did not immediately able to establish an impressive age of the mummy. Continuing its study, archaeologists have found unexpected details of the life and death of the ancient Europeans.

At the time of the death of Neolithic man was 42 years old, which is much more than the average life expectancy of his contemporaries. About the violent death of an arrowhead indicates a fragment, found on X-rays. Some indirect evidence — such as tattoos complex shapes and traces of blood on the clothes of several people — prompted scientists to conclude that the victim was a shaman.

For detailed information about his ethnicity and place of birth, archaeologists are going to draw from the results of DNA analysis and the chemical composition of dental enamel.

"Scientists are working mummy more than a decade, and the results provide a glimpse of how the science has changed in recent years" — said Angelica Flekinzher (Angelika Fleckinger) from the Museum of Archaeology in Bolzano (Museo Archeologico dell "Alto Adige), one of the project participants.

Battery News, 24.02.2005 18:27

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