Bone cement — a new material for the treatment of bone injuries

New medical material — bone cement will help thousands of patients with abnormal bone. Its implementation will be engaged in small innovative company that has received resident status "Skolkovo".

As one of the developers of the bone cement, winner of the President of Russia in the field of science and innovations to young scientists, PhD Vladimir Komlev, new material obtained under the federal target program "Research and development on priority directions of scientific-technological complex of Russia for 2007 — 2013 years."

Together with the butt at him hard scientists, Voronezh State University and the Moscow Research Institute of Oncology named after PA Herzen. The material properties and allow its use as an adhesive and as a filler, which allows to replace nearly any bone defect. Bone cement can be administered to patients under the supervision of radiographic or ultrasonic devices, and thus minimizes the repeated surgical intervention, fraught with complications.

The appearance of the bone cement was the logical continuation of the developments in the field of research Komlev synthetic ceramic materials, which are "charged" with stem cells and proteins of the frame. Such material is placed in the fracture, grinding, another defect is gradually replaced with bone tissue.

"We already have a ready-to-implement products for which we have obtained good initial results, — Komlev said. — Interest in them is shown not only by trauma surgeons and dentists, but also, in particular, the oncologists'.

The use of nanostructured ceramic material together with the opportunities offered by the bone cement, opens up completely new horizons for modern medicine. For example, trauma surgeons will be able to recover from any damage to the bone tissues, including the bones of the skull, oncologists will have tools for effective replacement of metastatic bone on the order of improving the quality of life of the patient.

To put into practice the inventions of a young scientist at the Institute of Metallurgy and Materials Science of the AA Baykova Academy of Sciences, where he works Komlev, jointly with the Center for Technology Transfer / TTC RAS / RUSNANO and created a small innovative company "BioNova." This summer, it received the status of a resident of Science City "Skolkovo".

The innovative character development Komlev noted Doctor of Biological Sciences, Professor, Head of predicting the effectiveness of conservative treatment MNIOI them. PA Herzen Natalia Sergeeva. "In the compositions created by the butt, desperately need doctors working with different types of bone damage. Introduce its development in the domestic medical practice should be as soon as possible, so that in the near future to improve the quality of operations, while reducing the time on the order of rehabilitation", — summed up the professor.

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