The London-based International Institute for Strategic research (The International Institute for Strategic Studies, IISS) produced yearly report The Military Balance 2013, dedicated to military and defense capabilities in more than 160 countries in the world. The report of the British professionals, namely, contains information on the military capabilities of Azerbaijan and Armenia.
The creators of the report noted that both countries allocate significant funds to finance the military sphere. If Armenia spends for this purpose about 400 million U.S. dollars per year, Azerbaijan’s military expenses are estimated at 1 billion 770 million Thus, compared with 2011 in 2012, this amount increased to $ 90 million
In general, the document says, Azerbaijan spends on military spending about 2.5% of GDP, Armenia — 4%.
The creators of the report also assessed the level of combat capability of 2-armies. In this comparison, according to the spice of the International Institute for Strategic research wins Armenia. «Armenian Armed Forces are qualified and are clearly set their goals and objectives. Parallel to this, in the Armed Forces of Armenia continues to grow inexorably by Prof. military employees on a contract basis, although the call for military service is maintained.
Analyzing more burning problems of Armenian Armed Forces, analysts concluded that the more vulnerable they are part of the Air Force. «The main problem of the Air Forces of Armenia is their service and their overall effectiveness. That’s why the protection of air space Armenia produces Our homeland means paid airbase «- write the report creators.
Experts also touched reforms in the Armenian army. In their opinion, the main purpose of the reform is to increase the bit of contract, also increase the property arms procurement. «With all of this sample more severe structural configurations aimed, namely, to increase the level of exercise and professionalism of personnel, faced with a rather deep neuvvyazkami.
Immediately, noted in the IISS, despite severe allocations Armenia on the renewal and modernization of available weapons, Armenian armed forces are far from the saturation level of the new technique. This, namely, justified corruption phenomena, the low efficiency of managing money in the Defense Ministry of Armenia.
With regard to the situation on the contact strip of the Armed Forces of Azerbaijan and Nagorno-Karabakh, the creators of the report noted that in 2012 at least two times (spring and summer) there was a sharp increase in tension in the conflict zone, which, however, did not lead to a resumption of hostilities in region.
Experts were critical enough to the abilities of the Azerbaijani army. The report notes that despite the impressive arms purchases, which became possible thanks to profits from the sale of oil, air arena of Azerbaijani Armed Forces can not possibly achieve specific advantages that can become severe risk factor in possible military actions in Karabakh. «The same oil has allowed Azerbaijan to purchase a new system S-300, but it is not clear that it is generally given based on the belief Baku increase combat capability» — the report says. / IA REGNUM.

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