British Atlantis or Doggerlend. Found traces of an ancient civilization

November 12, 2012 7:32

"British Atlantis"Off the coast of England, divers have found signs of an ancient civilization, which some scientists call "Doggerlend." Approximate time of civilization scholars date 8, 5 thousand years BC At that time, between Denmark and Scotland was dry land.

British Atlantis — a civilization that is thousands of years ago was taken over by the North Sea. Some researchers say that it exists in between 18 thousand and five, five thousand years BC

Scientists from the University of St Andrews suggests that the earlier these areas were rich in flora and fauna. Also lived in these lands and people. Flooding was caused by the subsidence of the soil, the soil and in the end finally went under water after megatsunami.

Researchers using computer simulations were able to create a rough picture of the time. It was found that the entire area was quite hilly, with many forests, lakes and swamps. The climate was very favorable.

Divers recently found at the bottom of the sea remains of mammoth, and soon scientists expect that will be found and human remains.

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