Buddhist Lama Tibetan monk denies claims of doom

November 28, 2012 2:49

According to the calculations of the astrologers, humanity in the near future is not threatened.
Buddhist Lama Tibetan monk denies claims of doom
On the Internet at high speed rumors about the end of the world, which supposedly come December 21, 2012. Blame predictions ascribed to a certain lama of the monastery under Gyandrek Kailas, known as the Oracle of Shambhala. So much so, that in Krasnoyarsk businessmen under the horror stories about the future, which will last 2 weeks for some reason, began to sell seats … in bomb shelters.

 You bet! If you follow this lama, the December 21 off the light, fly water systems — in general, the townspeople come to the real apocalypse. It will be good only for those who live in private homes and is a normal village stoves. They survive the end of the world without problems: the wood is, the water from the well, and if run out of candles, sticks and move to be early to bed. Others will have to move to the village … and live there until spring, until all ustakanilos.
-You know about the prophecies Tibetan monk from the monastery lamas Gyandrek? — Bring clarity to this question of "KP" decided to address the representatives of the Buddhist Traditional Sangha of Russia.
-Know, — said the press secretary of the Russian Buddhist Lama Sokto Balzhinimaev. — Just fudge it all. There is no end of the world for the foreseeable future, according to our calculations, the astrologers are not expected. If expected something serious, the head of Russia's Buddhists, Pandita Hambo Lama XXIV, surely would have warned the population. By the way, we do not question the only words to the monk, and even its very existence. In any case, we are not known.
-And how long live the planet Earth, according to Buddhist astrologers?
-Long, — said Sokto Lama. — On the ground at a time should come 1000 Buddhas. So far, only four came. Fifth Buddha is expected in about 2.5 thousand years. But then humanity will exist, at least until more yavyatsya 995.
Meanwhile, modern scholars argue that the ancient Maya, who like to refer to the authors of prophecies did apocalyptic prophecies.

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