But the opposition — is the eternal scapegoat

Society to these issues in the transmission of "Examination of Freedom" meet the leader of the party "Fair World" Sergei Kalyakin and editor of the online project "WE" Cyril Pozniak.

Sergei Kalyakin

Cyril Pozniak

Vitaly Tsigankov

"This is no strategy, but simply an attempt to humiliate the opposition"

TsigankovHow do you perceive the statements by the authorities against the opposition after the explosion on April 11? Do you see them in any particular threat? Or is it more like a traditional political rhetoric for the sake of image degradation opposition to once again accuse her of nekanstruktyvnastsi, to intimidate those who have an opinion?

KaljakinThis rhetoric, and, in my opinion, an attempt to use this tragedy for political purposes. This is an attempt to associate in the public mind the opposition, which has no relation to the tragedy with this explosion.

The authorities want to reduce support for the opposition in the community, blurring her black paint. In my opinion, this is not no strategy, but simply an attempt to humiliate the opposition.

Tsigankov: Some commentators say that the authorities in certain developments have been tempted to turn the situation to the side to make the opposition is guilty. It appears that the authorities have refused all this …

Kaljakin: I do not think there was such a plan. If the explosion did the authorities, in such a situation was to be a long and careful preparation to implement such a plan and link the opposition with the attack. Very long time to build up to such a scenario. So I do not believe this version. The authorities did not plan in advance, but now seeks to use these events to humiliate the opposition.

TsigankovKirill, in your opinion, which of these statements about the opposition? Just to once again ubryknuts opposition, again put her in the role of perpetual culprit?

The main objective of the authorities now — to refute the version that is widely prevails in the society that the government has been very beneficial to a terrorist attack.

Pozniak: Most likely, yes. Here you can talk about a certain inertia of propaganda, the usual problem with the attempt to throw the blame on others. The main aim of the authorities now — to refute the version that is widely prevails in the society that the government has been very beneficial to a terrorist attack.

If you take even a process of elimination, which version is better to run to "the people", it is more convenient to blame the opposition. After all, remember Russia, expecting her credit, such is not necessary. To say that it was random people, bullies — that is an illustration of a very negative phenomena in society, then it could happen again.

But the opposition — the eternal "scapegoat," and, especially, black PR against it does not stop for a few months. Therefore, people can perceive it as something familiar and justice.

Tsigankov: Do not you think that the version of the crazy single now would be the most convenient for everyone — for the authorities and for the whole of society? If this version does not require any great repression, shocks and so on.

Pozniak: Basically, yes. But it is the inertia of propaganda traditionally classifies everything and the opposition. If, however, say that it did crazy crazy single, it follows that society is not so good. Electric suddenly began to steal in the production of metal products and make bombs. It may enter into society horror — "Where do we live? '. In addition, it shows that the government does not control the situation and can not guarantee the security of the country, even at workplace, where there seems to have everything under control.

"After April 11 life goes on, and the opposition should continue to perform its function"

Tsigankov: How the emotional tragedy of the opposition should behave? Should she come up with some statements, protests (as the economic situation continues to deteriorate)? Or maybe you should temporarily curtail the activities of the protest?

Kaljakin: In spite of this terrible tragedy, which is heavily influenced by society — life goes on. And so the Belarusian opposition should continue to perform its function as the world — keep track of how power works, criticize what the government is doing poorly, and show how to do otherwise. Today, the socio-economic situation of the people is deteriorating, actual earnings are reduced — all of which should be subject to debate, for the claims to the authorities. Therefore, the opposition should do the trick, despite the terrorist attack on April 11.

Certainly, it is very well done organizers "Stop Petrol", which moved the action to a different day, as now in the country in mourning. But then everything is — we want to ensure that the country prospered for people to live better, and so we need to continue the fight against the government.

This is a very bad thesis that everyone should forget what currency is not, life becomes more expensive, and more. And that — clap of power?

Tsigankov: What can you answer the argument that in such a difficult situation, people should rally around the government, to unite, to show kansalidavanasts?

Kaljakin: Well, we do not mind that they were united. But at the same time the government should carry out their functions. When are the problems in the food market, where people can buy the currency, even to go on holiday — it's not normal. And if the government does not address this situation, it should be criticized not only the opposition, but by all citizens. And they criticize, they are very unhappy with what's going on.

This is a very bad thesis that everyone should forget what currency is not, life becomes more expensive, and more. And that — clap of power? No, it should not be.

"Attention to the people distracted from the economy for a few days"

Pozniak: Indeed, life goes on, and people will soon be back on the attack to ordinary life problems. I believe that the authorities are not relevant to this tragedy, it is unlikely to benefit from them. After all, people's attention was distracted from the economy for a few days because of the crisis so that very soon people would start again for their survival techniques.

I would point out that the words Lukashenko is concerned not so much political opposition, much wider civil. After all, power is very concerned about the state of public opinion today. Hence the claim that it is necessary to stop a panic — the currency, commodity, purchasing.

However, Lukashenko your reservations, it does not apply to the entire opposition and ordered the attack that could and one of the authorities — so it rehabilitates the opposition as a phenomenon, as a brand. In such circumstances, the opposition pretty good time to present to the public a kind of new concept development.

Kaljakin: I
want to believe that the attack on April 11 — it was an extraordinary event that will not happen again. That it was the act of an insane mind, not someone else's design, which can not continue. After all, if I am wrong, then we will have a very tragic future.


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