By plane approached invisible UFO

January 24, 2013 0:41

The passengers and crew of the British "Boeing 777", bound for Florida, while flying over the Atlantic Ocean at an altitude of 14.5 thousand feet have witnessed the emergence of an unknown spherical object. No one saw how and where it came from. About 4 minutes later, he was flying level with the aircraft on the right side, then just as suddenly disappeared.

The object is a perfectly round ball of dull gold in color, without ridges and holes. Its apparent diameter was about 10 diameter of the full moon. Distance to it was about four thousand feet.

No one doubted the artificial origin of the object. His face shone with reflected light at first, then seemed to become very light. As acknowledged by the passengers, while observing them feel discomfort, heaviness, headache, fear. All the while, it seemed that something should happen, especially in the last minute of observation object was clearly closer to the plane.

Attempt to photograph a UFO or have failed. In the pictures, the place where he was, stood a faint transparent haze. After the object disappeared, the discomfort of the passengers lasted about 20 minutes, and it seemed to some that the object is still accompanied by a plane.

Convergence UFO passenger aircraft registered in Bermuda radar. Radar showed that the unknown object was flying near the plane not 4 but 23 minutes. Then mark on the screen, showing the presence of an object disappeared.

It turns out that 4 minutes UFO was seen, and then probably go to another optical mode, another 19 minutes was accompanied by an invisible plane.

Igor Voloznev

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