Camye big scam of the twentieth century

Twentieth century a new era in human evolution was marked by major events in the various spheres of society. The sharp jump in the development of science and technology, global wars and revolutions, natural disasters, the appearance of nuclear weapons, space exploration, new diseases, increasing public awareness. The man lifted his knowledge and achievements. But, that's embarrassing. Despite some progress in the whole world is man-made disasters, the spacecraft off track and need to be corrected trajectory. Falling aircraft and sink ships. Nuclear power plants are serious accident. , Periodic economic crises, leading to unemployment and social disaster. Hunger and disease in many parts of the world killing millions of people. Scientists can not predict the climate and weather, to predict the earthquake and tsunami. Unsuccessful search for the source of the particles of the microworld, bulky schemes and theories on how the universe is, incomprehensible to most people. You can enumerate a lot of misunderstanding of the facts of the laws of human society, the nature of the cosmos.

What does this mean? On the lack of knowledge or misconceptions and knowledge about the world? Many of the events of the twentieth century suggests that some common paradigm, events, and laws are false and artificially imposed earthly humanity someone. You can call it briefly as frank scam. Below are the top ten scams that have affected the development of human society.

1. General and special relativity

Authorship is attributed to Albert Einstein theory, despite the fact that many of the positions of theories, findings and mathematical formulas have been published previously by other scientists. However, the officially published the theory contains generalizations previously known scientific theories, hypotheses and assumptions provided with serious mathematical applications, and it looks like a single, proven and unshakable scientific doctrine.

The theory is based on two principles: the law of conservation of matter and the speed of light. These positions were further basis for the development of other physical laws, calculations, and the modern scientific view of the physical world. Of particular importance in physics became a constant speed of light. Value of 300,000 km / sec was obtained by British scientists from experiments on the simplest equipment. Calculations have shown that the speed of light is 299,792.458 km / sec.

A few years later in a more refined hardware experiments were repeated to produce more accurate results. The calculation gave a higher speed of light. But the train has already left, the postulate of the speed of light was recognized, and the velocity of light was the background and rounded off to 300,000 km / sec. In fact, the actual speed of light is 311,699.25 km / sec (noospheric information). Is not this the mathematical calculations are inaccurate for many physical processes?

Raises questions itself odious figure of Einstein. Here is why. Underdeveloped in childhood child conspiracy only six years old, unable to finish senior high school because of poor progress on a number of subjects who received higher education in the direction of little to do with physics or math major, who spent several years in the patent office has not engaged in any theoretical or experimental physics, suddenly began to write research papers deep in some areas. Quickly becoming a Nobel Prize in the subject, which was never touched, despite violent protests in the scientific world, and then produces prefabricated works on the theory of relativity. What is this — the latest manifestation of genius or fraud in physics?

Talented people are born, but their genius is manifested by severe, intense, and at times, a long labor. Our hero, contrary to all the laws of nature, society and its life history, genius just suddenly shot overnight. The conclusion suggests only one: Einstein is a puppet, who used a powerful "Someone," for the disposal of science in a false direction. And on the "genius" has a team of scientists, commissioned and controlled by "someone".

Apparently, the developer and chief ideenositel mentioned scientific paradigm has achieved the planned goals. Science has taken the wrong path. Famous photograph of a "genius" with his tongue hanging out represents his attitude to duping humanity.

What are the realities of reality in nature and in the universe?

  • The theory of relativity is a special case in the universe. All in all — it is a false theory.
  • The law of conservation of mass is not confirmed. The mass can be converted into energy and vice versa.
  • Space is heterogeneous and divided into several giant sectors, in which space is different electromagnetic and real condition, dimension and time.
  • Dark and unmanifested matter is nothing more than a sum of the many kinds of energy running through space and information-bearing and strength. Energy is a major matter and prevailing in the cosmos. And if the earthly man is not able to capture and study these energies, it reflects our level of knowledge and awareness.
  • Time is not a component of the four-dimensional continuum. It is an independent value is a function of the rate of exchange of information between various living and non-living objects. As you approach the center of the world, the time steps faster.
  • The speed of light is the maximum in the universe. Individual atomic solar particles (helium) reach a speed of about 350,000 km / sec at high ejection of solar material, the individual laser beams can reach a speed of 385,000 km / sec. Finally, various torsion beams, the mention of which cause a negative reaction in academic institutions, and they are the most important type of energy into space, flying across the expanses of the universe at a speed of up to 500,000 km / sec.
  • There are still the most important element in the universe and the existence of the cosmic evolution — Mind. This is a focused and orderly thought, carrying the knowledge, information and orders. Movement of the mind-thought in any point of space is immediate, that is, moving speed of thought tends to infinite value.

2. Structure of the Atom

The symbol of the atomConcept of the atom as the smallest indivisible particle of known for a long time, but only in the twentieth century, these views have changed dramatically by new theoretical ideas and experimental data.

In the early twentieth century, several physicists have put forward a variety of assumptions about the structure of the atom. Prove practically and theoretically any model of the atom was impossible. However, the basis of microphysics was taken planetary model of the atom: the positively charged nucleus around which a negatively charged particles — electrons. Definitely was not used as a basis, and by force prodavlena with many well-known scientists. The other models, ideas and suggestions have been marginalized and are not considered serious scientific circles. The planetary model, called the atomic model of Bohr — Rutherford for many years, has undergone changes and modifications to the onslaught of new experimental data and contradictory criticism of some scholars, who see in this model are many contradictions and shortcomings. In addition, during the evolution of physics to detect new experimental data that contradict the generally accepted model, finding new elementary particles and properties of atoms. To explain these phenomena were entered into the model to explain the artificial, invented the atom parameters, new particles are photons, quarks, and more. A new direction in physics — quantum mechanics, whose task is to explain the modern atomic model using all the means of mathematics.

The most powerful argument of supporters of the planetary model of the atom in response to tricky questions is the phrase, "no one knows except God himself." Very convincing — is not it? Some phenomena with a planetary model of the atom can be explained, but in general, the conventional theory is a theoretical abstraction, a work by the clever and false conclusions, and outright fraud, in a coherent, evidence-based research paradigm radically impacted on the further development of microphysics .

Someone behind some scholars, under the patronage of politicians, directed and oversaw the creation of false and at times absurd, scientific laws. And probably, this "someone" very well versed in physics and mathematics. Someone was very important to direct the development of human society in the wrong direction in order to keep humanity in ignorance and control civilization, preserving their political and financial power.

And what we have in the real microcosm of atoms? Noosphere information gives us quite a fantastic picture! These are:

  • The initial particles in the construction of the atoms are two particles — the antipode of reasonable energies — the builders of the Cosmos through their effects on two types of very subtle physical energies. As a result of such exposure forms a seal, the solid material particles of diameter 5.4 × 10 -39 m and a mass of 8.6 x 10 — 39 kg. Like particles attract each other, unlike charges repel.
  • Intelligent energy are 35 types of energies torsion type, the field lines which have a complex structure and carrying a mind — a thought. Reasonable energy emerged in the infinity of the evolutionary path of the Cosmos and is the main creative, ideological, organizing, controlling and driving force of Space (not to be confused with God — this is the secondary structure of the cosmos and the management of human civilization). Concentrated in the center of the World, which is the source of seven universes.
  • Two-particle-based antipodes next particle consisting of four primary particles, two of each type. The combination of the four particles form a second type of particle tracks third type — a circular shape, consisting of 16 primary particles in an alternating sequence, in which each particle is surrounded by two particles — antipodes.
  • 16 particles form a third type of particle in the form of follow-up of the ball. This releases a free state of each particle on the two initial particles, forming a kind of a ball inside a cloud. That is, these free particle determine some of the properties of matter, in particular electricity. When an electric field, they begin to move in two opposite directions, depending on the type of particle.
  • With a combination of 167 particles of the fourth type is formed following elementary particle — konusopodobnaya. In size and mass, it corresponds to the electron. The merger of two such particles — cones formed following the fifth particle — cylinder. Of the 128 cylinders creates a flat circular particle shape, where the cylinder is in a vertical position (the sixth type of elementary particles). Superposition of two such men to each other to form a new elementary particle in the form of goals. Two particles — washers, imposed in the same way to each other, form the next particle — eight, in the form of a cylinder of small height.
  • Particles of short cylinders seventh type is formed over a long cylinder consisting of 16 particles of the sixth type. Finally, out of 952 particles eighth type is created very important elementary particle, which is built on the basis of the first atom — atom of hydrogen. It looks like a cylinder with a ratio of height — diameter of 3: 1.
  • It is extremely difficult to believe in the structure of the hydrogen atom. This flat structure composed of four particles — cylinder forming the cross …! Cylinders have a point of contact, but in the middle there is a void. Surprising for the author was about that American scientists using microscope transemissionnogo found a strange structure of the hydrogen atom, graphene deposited on a substrate. The structure looks like a cross! Information received by the scientific community, probably as a misunderstanding. And it has been forgotten.
  • Other chemical elements are based on the hydrogen atom and a different source of a chemical element. You can verify this by looking at the periodic table. Weight of any chemical element is an integer and is proportional to the mass of the hydrogen atom.
  • As in all the cosmos, and in the microcosm viewed the main component and organizing force — the mind. This strength in all atomic models available. And without it, all the models, and in particular, the planetary game are distorted human mind. And it's hard to believe that behind-the-scenes master of fraud did not know.

3. Nuclear Energy

Nuclear energy in one form or another is considered by mainstream science as the most promising and environmentally friendly energy industry that requires further development. Even though many of the accident, including the Chernobyl and Fukushima, shook the whole world, not cool the hot scientific head.

Again someone or someone supported the idea of using a scientific heat decay of radioactive elements to generate electricity and has initiated the development of the nuclear industry, despite the strong opposition of many scientists and politicians.

In this direction have been thrown better scientific strength and big finance, thereby revealing a really promising research areas, most of them to exist.

So what do we give the nuclear industry?

  • hollow nature of radioactive elements, the deposits of which are natural energy batteries that fuel energokarkas planet;
  • emissions into the environment of gaseous and liquid radioactive waste;
  • very complex and expensive technology enrichment of radioactive material and a radioactive fuel;
  • complex, insecure and expensive system of transportation and storage of radioactive materials, fuel and waste;
  • increased accidents at nuclear power plants connected to the complexity of the process control of radioactive decay in the reactors, the unreliability of equipment at the stations, lack of knowledge in the field of nuclear energy.

And most importantly, nuclear power is subsidized energy. All energy costs associated with the exploration, production, transportation, refining, maintenance process, production equipment and control and safety systems, and many others are not compensated by the resulting energy. Roughly speaking, to get 1 kW of energy in a nuclear power plant, to be spent outside of 5 kilowatts.

Why this industry needed someone backstage? What are the benefits he received from it? And the benefits are not there. Was pure adventure. And it was the following. Nuclear power plants are built in many countries. Surprisingly, many of them built in the most vulnerable and disadvantaged areas. On the shores of the seas and oceans, on unstable ground or above the old geological faults. A huge explosion near the station could cause a tsunami, subsidence of soil under the station or earthquake. The result was predictable — the destruction of the station and the possibility of infection is very large territory with radioactive nuclides.

This option is intended for recalcitrant countries. These include the Soviet Union. Gorbachev's perestroika first went on the script "Someone", but then began to deviate from the plan. In anger, was powered by a terrible orders to destroy the nuclear power plant in Chernobyl. Selected was the moment when one of the reactors was put to maximum power in order to verify the operation of the control and protection of the reactor. Seven kilometers south of the station was exploded a powerful charge of TNT. The station was on the old geological fault. There was a earthquake of magnitude 3-3.5 ball, reactor protection system is out of order, a chain reaction collapse had become unmanageable. The explosion occurred. And if not for the courage of some employees and fire station, the accident would have occurred at other reactors. The consequences of such an accident were predictable. Ukraine, Belarus, part of Poland, the Baltic States, South, Central — black earth and part of central Russia would be uninhabitable. The country would be easy prey for Western countries.

Dangerous nuclear power in any form is prohibited in a rational cosmos. But sometimes it becomes a weapon effects on neighboring nations adventurers in developing worlds.

4. Myasoedstvo

MeatIn ancient times, people of different nationalities used to only vegetarian food, river and sea food. Climate change in some parts of the world has forced the population of some areas of the planet to move to myasoedstvo. Gradually, it became a tradition that has spread to all regions of the world. But only in the twentieth century has become a large-scale distribution. The basis was a medical point of view, running behind the scenes master. Meat animals deemed vital nutrients for man. This position is repeated, doctors, nutritionists and other health professionals. Established on the basis of industrial meat and meat processing industry. Drink a meat-based food has become the basis of the majority population.

But what really gives us the meat as food? Nothing but harm. Meat, especially pork contains many harmful substances. Several types of animal fats, toxins, holesterinopodobnye compounds alien to the body proteins.

The human body is hard to digest heavy meat. For digestion released an increased amount of gastric juice, which is based on hydrochloric acid. For a deeper assimilation of food requires an increased amount of bile and various enzymes. Digestive tract by ingestion of meat in the body begins to operate at the limit of their capabilities. Animal fats are deposited in the body as fat, proteins increase muscle mass, there is a gradual poisoning of the various organs of the body, cholesterol form cholesterol plaques in blood vessels. Myasoedstva result: obesity, stomach ulcers, colitis, cholecystitis, pancreatitis, stroke, heart attacks and other diseases. And the end result — a disability and premature death.

Chemical compounds that are found in meat, blocking important energy centers in the body. This reduces the creative and spiritual potential of man. Appears increased aggressiveness and dementia. Manage such humanity becomes easier.

5. Americans flying to the moon

In the sixties, it became clear that the U.S. is losing the USSR prestigious race in space. The first flights of the Soviet cosmonauts, as well as long-term plans of development of Soviet space became irritated U.S. policymakers. In addition, it was looming military superiority of the USSR in outer space the Earth. And it was getting dangerous for America.

Why the U.S. government to urgently take the space program, where the most important point was the American ship flying to the moon and landing a man on the planet's surface. This item is allowed to raise the prestige of the country and to solve some of the problems in American society. However, the development of space technology of the time would not allow to send a man to the moon, and the more land to the surface and get it back. And how could carry lunar project 8 years after the first manned flight into space. Technology does not develop so rapidly. A flight to the moon — is a complex technical project requiring elaboration, validation, pre-flight, many modifications reusable spacecraft components in a long time. One security and livelihoods of the lunar module to increase its weight and volume several times. And we showed the American model for polar station in Antarctica. Even today, such a trip would be a daunting task with unpredictable results.

But Americans do things differently — went on an adventure. Falsified flight to the moon. Rented in Hollywood filming a large hangar, set up a lunar landscape and lunar thriller filmed with American astronauts. Very many viewers immediately noticed some inconsistencies, absurdities and blunders. This can be found on the internet a lot of publications (eg:> wiki / Lunar conspiracy).

Then strange things began to happen to the American "heroes"-astronauts. Most of them after the "flight" in Hollywood have gone into the shadows. Later, one committed suicide, one was crazy, the third hit in mysticism or religion. Two or three cosmonauts, "visited" on the moon, left the U.S. for permanent residence. Neil Armstrong — the first lunoprohodets, said recently that he was going to write a memoir about his epic moon, quickly died …

But sooner or later, the story gets out, and we get shots as American moon shot thriller.

6. Fusion energy

TokamakConsidered in the scientific world as a promising research area for the production of heat and electricity. Despite the fact that this area is not less than 50 years, and the theoretical and practical development of equipment spent trillions of dollars, the final result is disappointing. Positive output energy on the tokamak chamber or stellator not marked. But every year, scientists around the world say that is about to be created the first practical machine, and this requires additional funding. Years go, go in the sand of funds, and no result.

A typical venture and development of pseudoscience. Loss huge funds that could have been spent on more pressing problems of mankind. But a large army of scientists in different countries continue to live comfortably.

7. Ozone hoax

Ozone.  Photo: gismeteo.ruIn the 60-70 years of the twentieth century, a scientific paradigm ozone that supposedly ozone is a strong absorber of harmful UV radiation. It was he who protects all life on the planet from harmful solar rays. And the basic protective role stratospheric ozone.

In the 80 years have been found at the poles of the Earth's so-called "ozone hole" — the polar and sub-polar regions of the atmosphere where the ozone concentration was several times lower than in neighboring areas. Broke a big buzz in the scientific community, which has been taken up by politicians and the media. Began the search for those responsible for ozone depletion. And he was found to be more precise they are. This so-called volatile halogen compounds — bromo-chlorinated compounds. These compounds are used as solvents, extinguishing media, propellants, refrigerants, blowing agents in obtaining cellular plastics. The most dangerous was declared as the most mass-produced refrigerant dichlorodifluoromethane (Freon 12), is widely used in refrigeration, and trichlorofluoromethane (Freon 11) — the main blowing agent in obtaining cellular plastmasc, especially polyurethane foams. Both of these products are used in refrigeration equipment in the production of domestic and commercial refrigerators, freezers, refrigerators different, retail display cases, chests, beverage coolers, refrigerators.

Pretty quickly organized a scientific base for research on the influence halogenated products for ozone. And "conclusively" proved that these compounds are the main destroyers of the ozone, and they are responsible for the formation of ozone holes (areas with low ozone) over the poles of the planet. Or rather all the scientific facts were drawn, as they say, by the ears. The whole scientific world was divided into two camps — supporters and opponents of this theory. But surprisingly, broad platform support and received only supporters. Opponents were not supported, their reasons and arguments were raised. The movement in the scientific world has gone in only one direction — the protection of the ozone layer from harmful CFCs. Three scientists who have shown theoretically the possibility of destruction of ozone in the stratosphere halogenated compounds, presented the failure mechanism and a set of chemical reactions, the Nobel Prize.

For the proponents of this theory proved ozone depletion important point are the following:

  • in the stratosphere are some traces of chlorinated compounds including CFCs;
  • in the stratosphere are also products of decomposition of ozone under the influence of Freon: chlorine monoxide, chlorine, nitro and karbonatproizvodnye chlorine, hydrogen chloride;
  • at the time of ozone depletion over the poles, where the concentration of ozone is reduced by several times, the concentration of the decay products of CFCs also increases, ie, a relationship between changes in the concentrations of these compounds.

In contrast, there were serious objections. Why chlorine compounds whose concentration in the hundreds of thousands or millions of times lower than the concentration of ozone in the stratosphere, are the main culprits of ozone depletion? Why chlorine monoxide should break up in the stratosphere to the chlorine atom, due to what energy? Has been carried out experimental studies of the effect of different factors on ozone depletion, simulating conditions in the stratosphere? Why not consider other factors of ozone depletion, which should be more serious? Finally, rarely sounding question: in general, whether ozone is the main absorber of dangerous UV rays?

No convincing answers. Almost all of the evidence was based on the basis of theoretical calculations of the electronic, or by far-fetched interpretations of the data obtained from satellites or high altitude vehicles: a different — juggling scientific facts. Was created by an artificial mechanism to the reduction reaction of atomic chlorine oxychloride countless times, in fact, denoting eternal chemical engine.

The Montreal Protocol, formally legalized the main danger to the ozone in the form of chlorinated volatile compounds. But what's really going on?

Ozone — an allotropic form of oxygen, consisting of three oxygen atoms. Small gas component and a variable in concentration over a wide range in air. In the stratosphere, it is formed at altitudes of 35 — 50 kilometers above the Earth. Rigid UV radiation penetrating into this part of the stratosphere, splits molecular oxygen to atomic. Atomic oxygen reacts with molecular forms ozone molecule. Part of the ozone time to flow down to the heights of 18-25 km. However, most of the ozone is destroyed by the same sun. There is a balance between the reactions of ozone creation and destruction, depending on the season, solar activity, latitude and the concentration of molecular oxygen or the height above the earth's surface.

Immediately emerges two interesting factors. The first is a rigid molecular oxygen absorbs solar ultraviolet radiation, required to break the molecule into two atoms. Energy disappears, while performing work. Hence, the oxygen in the upper stratosphere absorbs dangerous radiation and given its high concentration (the concentration is several hundred times higher than the concentration of ozone), it certainly is a major absorber of UV radiation. Part of molecular oxygen emits UV rays as a long-wave infrared radiation. This explains the higher temperature of the layer of the stratosphere than the adjacent layers.

The second factor — the solar radiation. It creates ozone and simultaneously destroys it. And so is the main destroyer of ozone.
Another strong ozone destroyer — space nanoparticles or simply cosmic dust. Each year, the Earth's atmosphere from outer space fall billions of tons of the most diverse nature and size of particulate matter. They are very active with respect to ozone. The reactions of ozone depletion on the solid particles are well described in the book (V.V.Lunin, M.P.Popovich, S.N.Tkachenko, Physical chemistry of ozone, Moscow State University, 1998, s.480). These particles are also very well absorb dangerous UV radiation.

There is another fairly strong destroyer of ozone — nitrogen oxides. They are formed in the stratosphere driven by powerful electric discharges. In recent years, these categories have increased, and the concentration of nitrogen oxides increased.

Of course, the chlorine-bromine-containing compounds that fall into the stratosphere, can react with ozone. A lot of them, ranging from atomic and molecular chlorine ending monohlorokisyu and hydrogen chloride. Sources of chlorine are not only man-made, but natural. In volcanic gas emission detected chloride and methyl bromide and hydrogen chloride. However, the total concentration of chlorine compounds in the atmosphere is very small to significantly affect the ozone depletion. In addition, these chemicals, as well as all organic compounds are oxidized in the atmosphere. Oxidants are atomic and molecular oxygen, chlorine monoxide and ozone. For these reactions, a certain temperature and pressure, as well as hard activating radiation. In the stratosphere, such conditions can only occur at high altitudes. And then, most of these chemicals are not available. Similarly, there are no low-activity and chlorine-based products of their decomposition. Therefore, at a height of 18 — 25 km maximum ozone concentration: low temperature, high vacuum, the lack of hard UV radiation. In these conditions, the flow of the majority of chemical reactions possible. Only one process — the destruction of the ozone into oxygen in the collision of two molecules of ozone. Ozone itself is not a very stable compound.

Great attention in the scientific world, and among supporters of the Montreal Protocol led to the discovery of so-called ozone hole. In the polar region in the spring and summer, there is a sharp decrease in the concentration of ozone. Synchronously with the reduction of ozone concentration increases chlorine oxides — the products of decomposition of organic chlorine compounds. It would seem that there is evidence confirming the theory of ozone depletion refrigerant. If you do not take into account the following facts.

In the spring, over the pole, a so-called polar vortex. This air funnel, reaching the stratosphere. This area is the polar magnetic gap. Space where there is no magnetic field of the Earth. In recent years, this gap has grown significantly. Vortex sucks air from the stratosphere and upper troposphere nanoparticles and various chemical compounds. An unsecured space above the gap penetrate the hard radiation and active solar particles. There are various chemical and physical processes that are not normally occur. This boiler is a chemical oxidation and destruction of many organic compounds. Ozone work in this situation as an oxidant. However, its main part is killed by the hard UV radiation. This is a natural process, there are millions of years old. One can assume that it has increased in recent years, due to changes in the near cosmos.

Ozone is an oxidant and a good absorber of ultraviolet radiation. But in either case, is not the most important. Even if hypothetically assume that ozone will disappear, nothing terrible will happen. Fully engage the hard UV radiation occurs two kilometers below the atomic oxygen and solid nanoparticles.

Doctors may argue. Because the number of skin diseases, including cancer, has increased dramatically. They are all explained by the increase of UV radiation by reducing the concentration of ozone. But, first, the intensity of UV radiation reaching the Earth's surface, the whole observation period did not change. There are natural seasonal and daily fluctuations. However, the increasing fashion for tanning, when people on the beach for hours to expose the body under the rays, receiving severe burns, and artificial tanning, the number of which has increased in the world thousands of times, is a major cause of skin problems. Use of sunscreen is also a danger. Cream ingredients can be destroyed by the action of sunlight, producing toxic substances. And enjoy the sun and creams have a mind, and not unlimited.
As ozone is a scam initiated and by whom? It is unlikely that this man made this a scam, but its support was felt. More probable is the assumption that the idea of fraud originated in the U.S. in the head scientist of the approximate to the business, or in the head of policy, closer to science. The idea was approved in political circles. A further method of falsification has been created, which is then repeatedly used by political and industry for political and financial gain.

It consists in the following. From the old scientific "chest" is removed statement or assumption of scientific authority. Creates a scientific group, which seeks to establish a theoretical basis for the scientific paradigm — scam. When this task is completed, the deal includes policy. They bring to the public their concerns about the dangers of ozone depletion. Mass media fuss. There are various conventions and treaties restricting the use of certain chemicals. Meanwhile, the two companies provide technology for alternative less hazardous products. Came the Montreal Protocol, which prohibits the use of hazardous substances in phases, and right behind him had already begun mass production of alternative compounds. Is actually a giant market monopolization refrigeration, air-conditioning and heat-insulating materials. In this ruined dozens of companies in different countries, different hlorbromsoderzhaschie releasing volatile compounds.

What is the true result of this adventure: the profit of the two firms in the amount of 200 billion to $ 1 trillion, the political dividends of the two political parties and increased the influence on the economic development of countries. And ozone is contrary to all the theories that grew in the atmosphere, then declined. In short, living by their own laws, not paying attention to the attempts of scientists and the Montreal Protocol. A change in the concentration of ozone in the stratosphere, well correlated with changes in solar activity.


AIDS — acquired immune deficiency syndrome. Disease created or discovered about 40 years ago. Today recognized as one of the most incurable diseases. It is believed that it is a specific virus. On disease research and drug discovery spend billions of dollars and euros. But the real results miserable. The virus was not found. Hepatitis C is a disease caused by a virus. It can be attributed to AIDS because the virus destroys the immune system. But most of the manifestation of the disease is inexplicable. Because it affects mainly the category of people involved in sexual misconduct or excesses, the disease is considered almost venereum, a sexually transmitted disease or transfusion of contaminated blood.

And the solution is simple. No virus. And there is a karmic disease associated with constant sexual perversions of people in their past incarnations. They are given a chance in this life burn through karma. The best method — is suffering during terminal illness, followed by repentance and change of consciousness. There is, however, a small class of people who were exposed — radiation sickness occurs on a similar scenario.

And what we have is real? Giant costs of physicians and pharmacists in search of methods and means of cure AIDS. Found some pharmaceutical drugs that do not cure the disease but pulled death. The main thing is not it. Medicine and pharmaceuticals in recent years more and more rise to crime. Greed and big profits are pushing them to create unnecessarily expensive treatments and medications. In simple terms, this is called pumping money out of the pockets of patients and taxpayers.

9. Greenhouse effect

About 25 years ago, scientists have reported amplified greenhouse effect, which was to influence the climate on Earth. Of greenhouse gas emissions is the main threat to the alleged carbon dioxide. Moreover, the main threat is man-made carbon dioxide. The development of the situation is like the story of freon. Carbon dioxide gave hypertrophic ability to reflect heat coming from the Earth's surface. It was first used by the famous scientist Arrhenius statement about the possible impact of future anthropogenic carbon dioxide on the Earth's climate. Scientists quickly set up an electronic model of a molecule of carbon dioxide and conducted electronic payments, which showed a great ability to create a greenhouse effect gas. Politicians "took care" of the situation. Especially imbued with concern for the future of civilization Nobel Laureate Al Gore. The media picked up the hype. Originated the Kyoto Protocol limiting greenhouse gas emissions. After that, there was the World Bank for trading greenhouse gas emissions. In fact, trade air. Protocol by some countries. However, the major countries, the maximum emitting greenhouse gases — the U.S., China, India, and Canada and England shyly declined to sign the report.

Flowed to the bank money. Part went to destination, and part was dissolved in various funds to save the climate and nature.

What is happening with the climate? And who is the real culprit of climate change? Sun has been, is and will be the main supplier of heat on Earth. Depending on the activity lights in the different periods of the evolution of the solar system and the distance between the Earth and the Sun, the thermal flux coming to our planet. Small contribution to the heat balance of the earth makes the internal heat of the planet, as well as numerous physical and chemical processes in the atmosphere. Therefore, the climate of the Earth determines the sun, and other factors make insignificant contribution to the heat balance of the planet, and chief among them the so-called greenhouse effect is a function of solar activity. Greenhouse effect in the atmosphere (the absorption of reflected heat from the earth's surface) is determined primarily by two factors — water vapor and education, as well as solid inorganic particles that fall from space or from the ground to the atmosphere. Their concentration in the troposphere and a half — two orders of magnitude higher than that of carbon dioxide. Water vapor very effectively absorb infrared radiation in a very wide range. It's no wonder this was called the greenhouse effect, determined by water vapor. Even 40-50 years ago it was an undeniable fact. But in the last two decades palm on the efficiency of absorption of thermal radiation earth flowed smoothly to carbon dioxide. This "performance" was created by a group of scientists in the quiet cabinet, sitting in a chair, practicing artificial quantum-chemical calculations that does not exist in nature, the structure of a molecule of carbon dioxide. Electronic structure, interatomic distance, electron density, charge distribution, etc. provided a base for calculation, and all these parameters are called in the scientific theoretical abstraction, but simply in this case scientific falsification. Carbon dioxide is given to him, as in the case of Freon, gipersposobnostyu. Only in one case, to create a greenhouse effect, and the other to destroy ozone. Scheme to create these two research paradigms, the same. Carbon dioxide is a greenhouse gas is weak and does not make any significant contribution to the overall greenhouse effect. For some reason, no one in the academic world is not held a large-scale experiment on the greenhouse effect of carbon dioxide. Check the last assertion can any reader with a greenhouse. Placed there by dry ice or gas from a carbon dioxide fire extinguisher does not change the temperature in the greenhouse.

Large climate change on Earth (you can call this process of global warming), followed by natural disasters, mainly determined by changes in solar activity. Externally, solar activity has changed little, but there were new in the solar spectrum energy, unknown to modern world. We know that the activity of the Sun and many atmospheric parameters are cyclic. Marked 11, 22, 44, 110, 6000, 25,000-year cyclical spikes in various charts. There are even so-called Milankovitch cycles — the climatic changes associated with the change in the parameters of the Sun. If the first solar cycles are related to minor changes in the activity of the Sun, the six thousandth period (correct to 6200 — 6900 years) reflects a dramatic change in the amount and quality of solar radiation, as well as changes in the orbit of the Earth's rotation around the sun.

Finally, the last dvadtsatipyatitysyachny cycle (more accurate cycle time depends on the ellipticity of the orbit of the Earth around the sun, and within 24 700 — 27 600 years). This cycle can be called a complete solar cosmic year. In the transition from one cycle to another is changing solar parameters, this leads to climate change. In recent years, the end of one cycle and the beginning of another. Climate and weather changes are obvious.

10. Globalization

An artificial economic system that combines the economies of many countries in the world with the aim of giving them the level of economic development. But in reality, sophisticated economic system created by leading countries, and aims to expand the market of manufactured goods.

System allows you to raise the living standards of the backward countries and their economies, but at the same time there is an economic and financial dependence on the leading countries. And sooner or later, the underdeveloped countries that fall into the trap baited with a variety of material goods, are going bankrupt. At its core is a new covert form of colonization.

The first experiment took place on Globalization. We are talking about the European Union. The result is well known to us. Germany and France have become richer, and a dozen European countries with weaker economies on the verge of bankruptcy. But European banks thrive and grow rich. And the world was once again on the verge of civil unrest and the global economic crisis.


One can cite dozens of examples of fraud in science, society, economy and politics. Took place in the 20th century revolution, rebellion and war can also be attributed to some extent to the scam, because they artificially provoked. And behind them were also some forces and structures.

Well, now the big question — who created the scam that the person or the human structure is hidden behind dark earthly affairs? Who is someone, or someone on the text of Article?

In my previous articles on this site mentioned by the structure of black Atlanto-Egyptian priests. This is the main culprit for many filthy, depraved and despicable events and actions in the world, and not only in the twentieth century. 135 priests, move to the global catastrophe in Egypt, established a colony there. For nearly 12,000 years, they were out their black activities. Most wars and confrontations, the major religions of the world, slavery, destruction of individual positive individuals, Jews, the monetary system, the monarchy, the creation of the U.S. government, capitalism — all this is the work of this structure. A shadow structure, acting through his aides. Some priests were manifested as known in the history of the individual.

In the third century AD, the priests moved to Spain and then to France. Last three hundred years they live in England. They regularly come to London for advice and orders, many politicians (U.S. Secretary of State makes this month), monarchs, some of the Levites, Arab sheiks, Swiss bankers, the American multimillionaire, leaders of several countries. In 2009, something was wrong with the structure. It ceased to operate the Western world. Steel sharpening contradiction between the countries, there was a financial crisis that is only getting worse, capitalism began to collapse. World has entered a stage of collapse of the world system.

What happens is, as warned in ancient times the sages — will be a dark period in the evolution of the Earth and will go for another time. But first, will the destruction of old rotten world that we still exist.

AV Denisov

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