Canneries Kuban beat 20-year-old record for the processing of peas

Canneries Krasnodar region have made in the current season, 132 million cans of canned peas, which is the highest result for the last 20 years,
According to the press service of the regional Ministry of Agriculture. 

According to authorities, all processed more than 29.8 million tons of grain vegetable peas.

"High performance has been achieved through the timely modernization and sustainable financing the owners of processing enterprises in the period of processing peas, raw material supply agreements entered into at the optimum time, as well as a sufficient stock of cans"- Said the press service.

In 2012, the country produced 129 million cans of canned peas. The growth rate in the current year amounted to 103% of the level in 2012, or 3 million cans. In general, the Kuban economy gathered this year more than 60.5 million tons of peas for grain. Its yield was 24.2 centners / hectare.

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