Cards in prison Andrei Poczobut

April 14 in Grodno Rally Support journalist Andrei Poczobut, which is in the Grodno turmk. Journalists, social activists, party members have signed cards to jail to congratulate Andrew on his birthday. April 16 he turns 38 years old. Those interested also joined the company and signed obschebelorusskoy guarantee the prosecutor to change the measure of restraint journalist.

The founder of the Union of Poles in Belarus Tadeusz Gawin signed postcard Andrzej Poczobut, who knows:

"I am very excited that such an action takes place, and people are sent to prison card to Andrew. I know him very well, it's an honest man and wish that he should now in prison. I carefully read his article, and I think that there anything that was not, which can be plant a journalist. "

Constantine Zhyn, who previously headed the city branch of the Belarusian Popular Front, explains why it is necessary to support the journalist Andrei Poczobut:

"Support only to be Andrei Poczobut that it is a free man, and he is fighting for something that everyone who lives there Belarusian borderland, lived together in friendship and help each other."

Mr. Vladimir Grodnenets also wrote in prison Andrei Poczobut. He decided to speak about their feelings in the form of a reference to a journalist:

The situation in which innocent people are in prison, insults all normal people.

"The situation in which innocent people are in prison, insults all normal people. Therefore need the support of people like Andrew. You should know that a lot of people with you, share your views and hope that you'll soon be on the loose. "

Criminal case against the journalist, "Gazeta Wyborcza" Andrzej Poczobut filed March 28.

He was arrested on April 6, 9th prolonged preventive measure for two months. Pochobut will be kept under detention pending trial.

In a criminal case two articles: 368 (part one) — "of insulting the president" and 367 (first part) — "a libel on the President." The investigation leads Grodno Oblast Prosecutor's Office, based on the case — the publication of Andrei Poczobut.


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