Cassini discovered a huge crater on Titan and traces of cats




Cat scratch on Titan (photo from

Spacecraft Cassini discovered on Titan, a number of unusual items. February 15 probe flew past once again one of the most known moons of Saturn and carried out a detailed survey surface using radar.

The unit flew a distance of 1577 kilometers from the surface of the planet, getting a lot of new data.

In particular, scientists intrigued by the giant (diameter 440 km) pool, reminiscent of the old crater left over from the impact of a comet or an asteroid the size of tens of kilometers.

Obviously, it was a very powerful attack, it is known that the moon's surface is constantly updated — erosional processes on Titan are not inferior to the earth.

Even more surprising experts called the fragment of a surface, called "cat scratches" — this is a huge and very numerous parallel grooves, covering a large area.

It is unclear — they are formed by winds (like dunes) or some geological processes.

Scientists plan to unravel these and other mysteries, including due to the fact that this was the first Titan flyby, when the field of view of the radar and photographic probe partially overlap.


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