Cat found his mistress, going 250 miles

Oh you gulena! Again traveling going? — Tamara Ukrainka Beregeli takes out travel bag red cat Kuzyu. — See how quick! I just took things for the journey, and our Kuzma immediately jumped into the bag! Okay, you go with us, but by us — not a step! And then you'll have to walk back to stomp through half the country.

Red Cat Kuzma lived in an apartment over a year ago Tamara. During this time, several times saffron has managed to keep up with the hostess, who was taking him to the trip to Ukraine. But, lost, always found a way back home.

— The first time he was gone, when he was not yet three months — says Tamara. — I was visiting relatives in the village, twenty kilometers from home. Kuzma vanished into thin air. I no longer knew what to think. Two days later, he suddenly showed up at my apartment in Mukachevo! Alive and well.

As it turned out, the trip was only for Kuzi training. In early fall, he walked for two weeks on the Transcarpathian region of 250 kilometers, but it reached the goal.

— My husband and I took Kuzyu along on a Sunday outing to friends — in Vynohradiv district — said Tamara. — On the way a cat so carefully looked into the car window, as if he studied the way. Her husband joked that so Kuzma way home stores. It is like the water looked. When we started going back, the cat was gone.

Tamara and her husband were looking for a home of the beast before it gets dark, but in vain. All the way home she cried. A week Kuzyu saw their neighbor. Skinny and dirty, with the charred tail and ear torn cat sitting near the entrance so exhausted, I could not even meow.

— I barely recognized in this dirty beggar our sleek five-kilogram cat. Collar, which he used to be a tight fit, hanging on a thin neck, the hair got lost, went mats. And under it — only the bones — the woman.

A whole month later Kuzma ate and slept on the couch. Reminiscent of past travel only corns left on the legs. However, to refuse to travel with a cat Tamara Beregeli is going. He says that if he could go 250 miles, or even more overcome.

Experts comments

— Cats have an excellent sense of smell and memory, — said Vasily Winner veterinarian. — They are well remember the smells, and it helps them to navigate the terrain. This cat though lives in the apartment, but often walked in the street, went to the owners of the city. This means that well remembered their territory.

It was the case

Russian Chapa walked a thousand miles

Ukrainian travel Kuzi, of course, the record is not pulled. In the world there are cats that are looking for home runs for hundreds of kilometers.

For example, a cat Chapu family of Sverdlovsk region took her on vacation at the Black Sea. When stopped on the way the owners, the cat behind the car and decided to return home. How did the owners were surprised when, having arrived from a holiday, saw Chapu alive and well near the house!

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