Cats destroy all life furry pets are killed each year billions of beings

Cats are a real storm wildlife. Every year they kill billions of creatures, including mice and birds. This conclusion, as reported by NPR, made by scientists at the Smithsonian Institute.

Cats destroy all life furry pets are killed each year billions of beings

As biologists counted only in the United States live 84 million cats. "Approximately 40% — 70% of them are allowed to go out, and we think that about 50% to 80% of them are engaged in hunting," — said of the Institute Pete Marr.

Thus, more than 47 million cats are potential killers. Also, do not forget about the homeless cats. In total, an estimated Marra, hunters are about 80 million cats.

Annually, according to the scientists, cats kill between 1.4 to 3.7 billion birds and mammals 15 billion. Earlier, as Marr said, it was thought that the cat claws are killed every year only 500 million birds.

Thus, because pets are killed far more animals than from traffic accidents, poisoning, or construction. In this case, the fault of the cats from the face of the Earth has gone at least 33 species of fauna. The greatest danger, according to the scientist, threatens squirrels, shrews and mice.

And although most of the animals are killed wild cats, the researchers urge pet owners not to let them out. As a way out, they offer domestic cats to wear bells, by which the potential victim will be advised of the impending threat.

Recall recently, scientists have also found that the love of fluffy kittens and puppies funny shows propensity to murder. The desire to kill, according to the researchers, occurs when a person looks at pictures with small animals. And at that moment a man can lose control.

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