Central Russia is coming to a thirty-heat

In the central regions of Russia by the end of the week established summer weather — in some parts of the thermometer rise to plus 30 degrees. Monday night because of the cold atmospheric front temperature will be 2-4 degrees below normal in the northern regions and 1-2 degrees — in the central. Noticeably warmer in the center of the country will start from Tuesday. Meteorologists say here that these parameters are well within the limits of variability characteristic of May.

In Tuesday night in the north of the district seats will still be possible on the basis of weak freeze, Itar-Tass learned at the Meteorological Office. However, towards the south the temperature will begin to rise. Day atmospheric front, which does not leave the region by turning to the south altitude air currents will shift to the north.

Propagation of a wave of heat at the center of European Russia, will be preceded by the frontal cloud band. Because of rain associated with it, the daily thermometer readings in the north and in the center will rise a bit, but in the south-east is warmer to plus 28 degrees 23.

On Wednesday, when the atmospheric front passes the Upper Volga, the warming in the center and north of the district will be felt in full. Places will be more intermittent rain and thunderstorms. At night, the temperature prevailing in much of the morning will be a plus 6-13. Day thermometers will show 17 to 22 heat in the north-east and 24-29 degrees in the south-west.

The second half of the week in the areas of CFD will be very warm, experts predict. The most probable values of night temperature — about plus 7-14, day — from plus 22 to plus 29 degrees. The average daily temperature is above normal by 5 degrees, and the weather will be like a year. The heat will be accompanied by local short-term showers and thunderstorms.

In Moscow, the end of the week will be up to 23-26 degrees in the suburbs — to plus 30

In the Moscow region by the end of the week the thermometer will rise to 23-26 degrees Celsius, and in some areas near Moscow air can warm up to plus 30 degrees, RIA "Novosti" on Monday in central forecast "Phobos."

According to representatives of the center of the weather, the capital region at the beginning of the week will be on the periphery of the anticyclone, because the source of high pressure temperature on Monday and Tuesday will be three to four degrees below normal. However, by the end of the week the situation has changed: in the weekend daytime temperatures in the capital will reach 24-26 degrees plus, and in the Moscow region is not excluded heating air up to 30 degrees Celsius.

Such a change in the weather associated with the return from the south of atmospheric fronts: they will bring rain to the capital, and gradually open the way warm air. At night temperature will be 6-8 degrees plus, during the day the air warms up to plus 16-18 degrees. Pressure is high and is 750 millimeters of mercury.

On Wednesday, the warming continues. In Moscow, at night the thermometer did not fall below 11-13 degrees plus, and the day temperature rises already to plus 23-25 degrees. Marks the high clouds, rains, sometimes thunder Rain.

Before the end of this week will remain in the Capital Region government of warm air. The background temperature is a four to five degrees above normal. At the same time maintain the probability of Heavy Rain and thunderstorms.

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