Chairs lifesaving

Opening Air Show in Le Bourget. 1999. Russian pilots demonstrate super-maneuverable aircraft with thrust vectoring Su-30MK. Late withdrawal of a dive, fighter tail touches the ground. At extremely low height of a burning fighter catapulted the two pilots.

"The energetic spurt from that — the beyond — the world into the current good, joyful world" — so commends the catapult at the time director of programs for aircraft rescue NPP "Star" Vladimir Rafeenko.

Ejection seats and saved the lives of pilots in May last year. At the training Yak-130 at Lipetsk pilots lost control. "Refused plane, pilots had to eject both survived. Chair back to the factory. By the numbers — our chairs "- proudly speaks about his work fitter ejection seats Victor Makarov.

Armchairs, life-saving, develop, collect and experience in research and production enterprise "Zvezda". It is handmade, custom-made copies. At the same ejection seat assembly take up to three months. Before it would save the life of the pilot, a chair is not just experience on the ground.

"Checking the prospective ejection seat is held at certain angles of tilt with an overload up to 9 units" — explains the test aircraft rescue NPP "Star" Andrei Cherkasov.

You hear the command: "Start, start the rotation." One circle, two, three. Overloading is growing. Armchair twist in a centrifuge to test checked sensation. Three units, four, five. When you overload a nine units head tester pushes into the headrest on you like a ton of weight. In this position the chair helps the pilot, or the flight can break your neck and spine.

— As chair you pressed on the nine units?

— Armchair very nice, comfortable. Helps to aim, shoot. The head does not go, everything is clear.

Ejection seat — an independent aircraft with engines, parachutes and electronics. Built-in computer controls the operation of the powder so the engine, which can be saved, even if the machine is turned over and is at a height of 20 meters, or even lower.

Ejection seat out of the cockpit at 1200 kilometers per hour. The pilot abruptly pulls the control lever catapult, and immediately triggered escape system aircraft. "When we went to the bailout process, after drawing pens locking system works: I continue to hold out the pelvis, drawing the shoulder straps, fix me, rise lifts leg, create grouped pose", — said the stages of preparation for the bailout program director for aircraft rescue SPE " Star of "Vladimir Rafeenko.

The family of chairs K-36D is used by the Russian military aviation. Better, according to experts, mankind has not invented: the response time of one second.

Ejection and suspension systems are equipped with all Russian combat aircraft and helicopters of the new generation. In parts of the Air Force on these chairs, "pray" and they say that they have saved the life of "a whole shelf of pilots."

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