Chergintsovskogo Writers Union is struggling with Lipkovich

Presidium of the Union of Writers of Belarus, who heads Nicholas Cherginets, issued a statement condemning the terrorist attack in Minsk subway and blogger Eugene Lipkovich.

Union members expressed support for the move of the authorities "to restrict the activities of some sites on the internet that call for violence against the authorities and society."

The application was referred to Lipkovich and blogger who has repeatedly conducted performances with the burning of books Nicholas Charhinets:

"The Union of Writers of Belarus strongly condemns the actions of such persons, so-called opposition, as Eugene Lipkovich that uses fascist methods, calls to the burning of books in public places, somehow helps those negative forces whose actions are directed against the people of Belarus and its power. "

The Bureau of the Union calls on all "who considers himself the opposition, to show tsvyarozasts and stop promoting those forces within the country and abroad, who are hatching and implement plans to disrupt peace and order in our country. "

This statement was published on the front page of the union "Literature and Art".

In response Lipkovich wrote in his LiveJournal: "I will sue so-called Charhinets for what he called me a member of the opposition, just the fear of losing candidate for the Nobel Prize in literature. "

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