Chernobyl Way is a state of Chernobyl

April 26 held a rally near a concert venue in the park of Friendship of Peoples. On the eve of the Minsk authorities banned the march, which the applicants planned to start on site at the Academy of Sciences, and they are not allowed to hold a rally near the Chernobyl chapel.

At the meeting of April 20 committee approved a compromise: a rally in the Park of Friendship of Peoples will begin in 18 hours. Those interested can also go to the Chernobyl Chapel to lay flowers. However, the general procession to the chapel is planned. This was told by the chairman of the organizing committee of "Chernobyl Way" Yuri Khadika:

"It is a fact that the Minsk city executive committee has violated our constitutional rights, changed the shape of this celebration, we were actually forbidden way. But, thank God, permitted rally. Only a mass rally will be relevant to an event that we celebrate — the 25th anniversary of the Chernobyl tragedy. We will take all measures to police behaved well, do not interfere, do not take away any flags or banners. The least we were allowed — it's a rally on the concert platform Park of Friendship of Peoples. "

Khadika today had a meeting with representatives of law enforcement agencies. He says he was able to negotiate to police during the protest was entirely in the form. However, the protesters pass through their metalyashukalnik with what the organizers had to agree. As to what is remarkable, "Chernobyl Way" in 2011, Yuri Khadika said:

The first action of Chernobyl — it was just standing still while on Lenin Square in the spring, in April 1989.

"It is remarkable by the fact that for the first time since 1989, this is not the way, and the state. The first action of Chernobyl — it was just standing still while on Lenin Square in the spring, in April 1989. Only six months later, we organized way. It is clear that we will make efforts to further back to the traditional form of celebration of this event, to remind the public of the dangers that constantly hangs over our people. But the main thing now is to gather possible more people overcome the fear that has been born of this brutal massacre on December 19. And to show that we have survived, survived and continued opposition to the regime. "

Former presidential candidate, a representative of the BCD Vitaly Rymashevski, Taking part in the meeting of the organizing committee, said that the area of Bangalore "is not to say that an acceptable option, but it is a valid compromise in the current situation."

Rymashevski: "In today's environment, especially after the tragic events in the metro, do not provoke it. It is clear that the Belarusian authorities and law enforcement agencies are using this occasion to press and to minimize all possible manifestations of freedom and human rights in Belarus. In including the right to hold free demonstrations. Today, they insisted that it was the site of the stage itself is the area of Bangalore. It was decided that there will be a rally, and rightly so. "


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