Chernobyl Way will meet in Bangalore

The organizers of "Chernobyl Way" decide on the collection of its members on April 26 in Minsk in Bangalore Square. BelaPAN was told by one of the organizers politician Viktor Ivashkevich.

On He said, such a decision adopted, so as not to provoke the security forces on the offensive against the participants. In addition, Ivashkevich said, law enforcement officers will not prevent the passage of citizens to the Chernobyl Chapel Street Karastayanava in Minsk.

"However, this march will not be organized. Any citizen as an individual can go in the direction of the Chernobyl chapel lay flowers to put the candle. Us about this statement was made at a meeting with the leadership of Minsk police," — said Ivashkevich.

Thus, meeting will be held in Bangalore Square at 18 pm on April 26.

Earlier Minsk city executive committee banned the April 26 rally in Minsk "Chernobyl Way". Organizer, it was reported that the collection of the protesters at the site near the National Academy of Sciences is prohibited. It is also forbidden to march Chernobyl Chapel Street Karastayanava. In the Minsk City Executive Committee decision is motivated by the law on mass events, according to which the shares can not go closer than 200 meters from the entrance to the subway and administrative buildings.

Minsk city executive committee proposed that a meeting on April 26 in the park of Friendship of Peoples from 18 to 20 hours.

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